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January 31, 2020 Updates

Budget Update:

The House Budget Committee continues to meet to hear from the State Departments to review their FY21 requests. Monday at 1:00 p.m. they will hear from the Department of Higher Education. Testimony will be given by Commissioner Zora Mulligan. To watch the live feed of the hearing, please CLICK HERE.

Legislative Update:

HB 1430

Representative Kip Kendrick’s bill, HB 1430, was heard in the Higher Education Committee this week. If passed, HB 1430 would create the Allan-Purdy Work-Study Program. Missouri residents attending a two or four-year higher education institution in Missouri could be eligible to participate. This work-study program will be financed through the Allan-Purdy Work-Study Fund, which is also created through HB 1430. 

HB 1858

House Bill 1858, sponsored by Representative Mike Haffner, would establish a minimum biodiesel fuel content mandate for diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri was heard in the House Agriculture Policy Committee on Wednesday. This legislation would require all diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri for use in internal combustion engines must contain at least specific percentages of biodiesel fuel oil by volume by the certain designated dates. The bill is similar to SB 568, sponsored by Senator Denny Hoskins in the Senate, and heard last week.

HB 1693

HB 1693, which establishes the Narcotics Control Act, was passed by the Insurance Policy Committee this week. This bill would create a state-wide prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). If passed, HB 1693 would require drug dispensers to electronically send prescription and patient information for drugs dispensed. This information would remain confidential and be sent to the Department of Health and Senior Services. The Department will then review the information to see if there is reasonable cause to believe that laws or professional standards have been violated. These regulations would only apply to Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances.


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