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March 13, 2020 Updates

Budget Update

The House Budget Committee met on Wednesday, March 11 to discuss a House Budget Committee Substitute. The Substitute includes the Budget Chairman’s proposed changes to the Governor’s recommendations. The Committee Substitute recommends moving $2 million of the proposed $3 million in funding for the Precision Health Center from the UM System Core funding to surplus. This means that if the projected numbers from the Governor’s budget proposal come out as expected, the UM System will receive the full $3 million in funding for Precision Health Center. However, this funding is not guaranteed if the surplus funds are needed to fund something else.

The Budget Committee also proposed moving $4,364,551 for the MoExcels Workforce Initiative from General Revenue to the surplus. This would allow for the first 11 initiatives to be funded. All other initiatives would be funded if there is money in the budget remaining. The UM System programs that could be affected are Clinical Service Engineering, Teacher Prep, Faculty Development and Student Experience.

Reviewed 2020-03-13