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President Choi and MU Vice Chancellor Marshall Stewart give update

President Choi gives an update to the House and Senate leadership.

President Choi and MU Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement Marshall Stewart gave a ‘one year later’ update on the UM Review Commission to House and Senate leadership with members of the Review Commission Jeanne Sinquefield, Rob Duncan and Renee Hulshof in attendance. Choi shared key highlights and areas of significant progress from the four key areas outlined in the report including affordability and scholarship initiatives, a collective commitment to freedom of expression, CRR revisions on faculty performance and conduct standards, and strong diversity student and faculty data compared to peers. Stewart outlined his experiences while visiting all 114 Missouri counties and the grand challenges facing the state in the area of economic opportunities, healthy futures, and educational access and excellence.

MU Vice Chancellor Stewart gives and update to House and Senate leadership.


Reviewed 2020-02-21