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Chapter 11: Information Systems and Facilities Reports

  1. Information Systems
    1. UM System maintains the following databases:
      1. Consultant Information Database – contains information on all consultanting (A/E) firms that have expressed an interest in UM projects and have completed an UM AE Questionnaire. The database allows project managers to search A/E’s with specific criteria as a part of a Qualifications Based Selection.
      2. Construction Advertisement System – contains all contractors who have subscribed to receive UM Advertisement for Bids for construction projects. The Construction Advertisement System allows the university to comply with the bid advertisement requirements in CRR 70.060.
    2. The Campus maintains all other facilities management information and data systems.
  2. Facilities Reports
    1. UM System tracks the following campus information for the facilities reports annually
      1. Annual Capital Plan
      2. Executive Order 28 Report
      3. Facilities Annual Report
      4. Report on Design and Construction contracting activity including Supplier Diversity contracting activity
      5. Facility inventory
      6. Quarterly Curator Report on construction contract awards
      7. Other information as needed
    2. Report guidelines are developed in collaboration with the campuses and maintained at UM System.
    3. Campus collects and provides data to UM System for the facilities reports.
    4. UM System will publish generated reports to UM System website.  

Reviewed 2019-08-11