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Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Purpose: This manual describes responsibility, policy, and procedure for facilities planning, design, and construction, and reporting of facilities activities. All information is consistent with the University of Missouri collected rules and regulations as approved by the Board of Curators.
  2. Organization of the Manual: This manual is structured to work with the Collected Rules and Regulations 70.060 (CRR 70.060) and the Business Policy Manual 24001 (BPM 24001). CRR 70.060 contains the curator rules and delegations pertaining to design & construction. BPM 24001 describes system/campus delegations and responsibilities, and general policy on the award of construction contracts and architect/engineer agreements.
  3. Exceptions: The policies and procedures contained in this manual are in conformance with those established by Missouri State law, the Board of Curators, and the President of the University of Missouri. All requests for exceptions to any policy or procedure shall be made to the UM Director of Facilities Planning and Development (FPD).
  4. Maintenance of Manual: FPD will update the manual to provide a current, central source of information. The manual will be maintained primarily on the FPD website as a viewable and downloadable document. Sections will be marked with the date of the latest revision. UM System will keep an archive of older editions.

Reviewed 2019-08-05