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Liberty Student Helps Town with Economic Development Plans

Economic Development Group

Students at Missouri S&T, including Josh Buehrer of Liberty, Mo., developed two plans to curb erosion of and beautify Yadkin Creek, which runs through the middle of Steelville.

Student teams have been working this semester on 17 engineering projects for the economic development of Steelville, Mo. Steelville is located in southeast Missouri, with a population of nearly 1,500 people.

Students enrolled in Dr. Karl Burgher's Introduction to Project Management course were assigned to help develop a vision and subsequent work plan for projects requested by the city of Steelville related to infrastructure, tourism, recreation, beautification and other improvements.

Student teams presented their white papers, or project briefings, to the community on March 16. After including real-world work plans, budgets and projected work schedules, they will make their final presentations to Steelville's residents beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 28, at the Golden Echoes Center, 401 N. Spring St., in Steelville. The presentations are open to the public.


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