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UM Pension Benefits and Missouri State Tax Laws

During the last tax preparation season, UM Faculty and Staff Benefits received a number of inquiries from UM retirees, or their tax preparers, with questions regarding whether, or not, benefits paid from UM’s Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan would be eligible for limited exemption under Missouri State tax law.

UM, of course, does not provide tax advice to employees or retirees and, accordingly, we were unable to respond to these questions.

UM, however, requested a letter ruling from the Missouri Department of Revenue and have received a response from the Director of Revenue. The July 2012 letter is attached.

Please note that the Missouri Department of Revenue letter contains information that cautions about reliance by taxpayers upon the interpretations contained in the letter and duration of its validity.

A review of this letter by you and/or your tax advisor is suggested.

Reviewed January 10, 2017.