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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct – Our Community, Our Commitment is a resource distilling the principles behind the university's Collected Rules and other policies so that they are available and easily understood by our university community as we work toward our shared mission.

Our Code provides guidance and actions each of us can take, with confidence that our commitment to integrity and accountability for our actions results in a workplace people want to come to every day.

About the Code


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Our Community, Our Commitment is important in establishing and maintaining a culture of integrity and accountability that supports the values each of our universities strive to live.  Our code is deeply connected to how we treat one another and how we conduct business, striving for respect, trust, and transparency in all we do.

University Codes of Conduct

While the core of our university Code of Conduct is the same, each university has its own document. Access each version of the code by visiting the webpages below.

MU Code document coverUniversity of Missouri-
UMKC Code document coverUniversity of Missouri-
Kansas City
S&T Code document coverMissouri University of
Science and Technology
UMSL Code document coverUniversity of Missouri-
St. Louis

Reviewed 2024-05-07