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Michelle Piranio

Michelle Piranio

Interim Chief Audit Executive


Ethics and Compliance Hotline

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CAFNR Investigation Audit Final Report (PDF)

Internal Audit

The Office of Internal Audit and Consulting Services provides the University of Missouri System and the four campuses independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve University operations. Internal Audit reports directly to the Board of Curators and its mission is authorized by the Internal Audit Charter. Additionally, the Board has a designated Board of Curators Audit Committee that oversees the audit function.

Internal Audit is comprised of three teams that specialize in Health Care, Higher Education and Information Technology. The group also oversees the University’s fraud and abuse hotline at 1-866-447-9821.

Interim Chief Audit Executive

Michelle Piranio | 573-882-6151 | piraniom@umsystem.edu

Health Care
Michelle Piranio | Director | 573-882-6151 | piraniom@umsystem.edu
Debra Till | Lead Auditor | 573-882-0911 | tillde@umsystem.edu
Sarah Bantz | Senior Auditor | 573-882-1164 | bantzs@umsystem.edu
Higher Education
Stacy Wright | Director | 573-884-8086 | wrightsj@umsystem.edu
Angela McFadden | Lead Auditor | 573-882-3012 | mcfaddenam@umsystem.edu
Sonja Erickson | Senior Auditor | 573-882-2024 | ericksonso@umsystem.edu
Lori Rowlett | Senior Auditor | 573-882-6609 | rowlettl@umsystem.edu
Information Technology

Michelle Wisdom | Director | 573-882-5161 | wisdomm@umsystem.edu
Julie Gochenour | Lead Auditor | 573-882-0516 | gochenourj@umsystem.edu

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