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Administrative Review, FY18- FAQs

How can I provide feedback, or how will you ensure my voice is heard in this process?
The leaders working on this administrative review welcome feedback. Opportunities for the University community to provide input will be available as the process continues. If you have comments or concerns you would like to share, you may also reach out to one of the faculty or staff representatives on the steering committee. A list of those members is available as a resource on the project landing page.

Will initiatives developed for MU or the UM System central office be implemented across all campuses?
Possibly, but not immediately. Further diligence and collaboration will be necessary to determine the feasibility of implementing these initiatives across the entire system. All initiatives will be reviewed by the Board of Curators before implementation begins at any campus. Opportunities for feedback from the broader University community will also be available ahead of any initiative implemented outside of the scope outlined for this review.

Who ultimately decides which opportunities are implemented?
Several levels of University leadership will help to inform the decision making process, and those leaders will seek approval from the Board of Curators where needed in determining which opportunities are implemented.

How will the perspectives of faculty, staff and students be incorporated during this process?
An advisory committee for the project comprised of faculty and staff representatives were engaged in the process to provide a perspective representing the interests and concerns of their respective constituent groups. In addition, the University of Missouri-Columbia Chancellor and Provost served on the project's governance committee. Individual faculty and staff members may also provide feedback by reaching out to members of the project steering committee. A list of those members is available as a resource on the project landing page.

Reviewed 2019-08-05