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Cash Refunds

About this Policy

Cash Refunds

Policy Number: 25404

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
UM System Controller's Office

Responsible Administrator:
UM System Controller

Policy Contact:

Campus Accounting


  • Finance

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This policy establishes authority for refunds in the form of cash.

Reason for Policy

To avoid a financial loss resulting from issuing refunds inappropriately.

Policy Statement

Cash refunds are permitted only for merchandise returns and for other small refunds (e.g. key, breakage, library and locker deposits).

Refunds to the customer that paid with a credit card, must be processed as a credit to the customer’s credit card account.  The customer’s copy of the charge slip/receipt may be used to issue the refund.  When the customer’s copy is unavailable, the merchant’s records must be reviewed to obtain the necessary information to issue the refund.



Campus Division of Finance:

  • Authorize the types of refunds that are allowed to be made by the department

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Related Information


Formerly Cash Receipts Manual 703 – Refunds (created 2/28/1997)


Reviewed 2017-12-06