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Policies - General Administration

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Policy Number Policy Title Responsible Office
11001 University Name and Symbols Office of Strategic Communications
11003 Patents UM Office of Intellectual Property Administration
11010 Protection of Personally Identifiable Information UM System Controller's Office
11011 Entrepreneurial Activity UM System Controller’s Office
11012 Affiliated 501(c)(3) Organizations UM System Controller's Office
11013 Forms UM System - Records Management

Information Technology

Policy Number Policy Title Responsible Office
12000 Information Management Division of IT
12001 Management, Access and Use of IT Resources Division of IT
12003 Information Security Division of IT
12004 Information Technology & Telecommunications Purchases Division of IT
12005 Telephones & Communication Devices Division of IT
12006 Email Management Policy Division of IT

Risk Management Safety and Insurance

Safety and Risk Management

Policy Number Policy Title Responsible Office
13101 Safety & Risk Management-General Policy Risk & Insurance Management
13102 Eye Protective Devices Risk & Insurance Management
13103 Asbestos – Application, Removal, Disturbance & Disposal Risk & Insurance Management
13104 Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Drones, and other Model Aircraft Risk & Insurance Management

Accident and Incident Reporting

Policy Number Policy Title Responsible Office
13201 Report All Accidents & Incidents Risk & Insurance Management
13202 Legal Proceedings – Summons and Other Legal Papers Risk & Insurance Management


Policy Number Policy Title Responsible Office
13301 Defense & Protection of University Employees & Others Risk & Insurance Management
13302 Insurance Coverages and Purchasing Insurance Risk & Insurance Management

Reviewed 2021-07-15