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Policy Number: 11013

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
UM System - Records Management

Responsible Administrator:
Records Management

Policy Contact:

Campus Accounting Office


  • General Administration

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Describes the management of forms that should be used when transmitting or recording information.

Reason for Policy

To identify the process for the management and establishment of responsibilities for UM System forms.

Policy Statement

Each department on all campuses, in coordination with Records Management, shall promote sound Forms Management practices to achieve optimum efficiency in the flow of necessary information within the University.  Forms should be employed only when transmittal or recording of information is absolutely necessary to the operation of the University and only when they serve as the most economical and timely means of communication.

Departments are required to use the UM System forms when a form is available.  No deviation is allowed without prior approval.  If a feasible reason exists for some deviation, contact Records Management who will secure the required approvals and coordinate the design and production of the form.

If a deviation is requested that does not have a detrimental effect on the total system, it may be approved.  However, the cost of the different form must be funded by the requesting campus/department.

Any University of Missouri form can be considered a UM System form and managed by Records Management when:

  • Used by more than one major location (campus, UM System, hospital, etc.).
  • Similar departments (accounting, personnel, procurement, etc.) on the different campuses are required to use the same form.
  • The majority of departments within the University use the same form.

A form is considered a campus form for any University form that is used by more than one department on only one campus and managed by that campus.  A form is considered a department form for any University form that is used only by one department, regardless of location, and managed by that department.


Forms Management - the systematic management of the analysis, development, approval, printing/purchasing/publishing, storage/distribution, use and disposal of forms.


Records Management Office:

  • Plan, develop and establish Forms Management policy for the UM System.
  • Provide an efficient forms program for the orderly gathering and processing of University information in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Meet with departmental personnel to identify and analyze information needs, information flow, continuity and readability in order to facilitate the design/revision of UM System forms.
  • Coordinate revision of existing UM System forms with University departments.
  • Secure approval from authorized approval authority for all new and revised UM System forms.
  • Design/draft forms and issue specifications for UM System forms design.
  • Post on-line forms to the web and coordinate the maintenance of these forms.
  • Coordinate printing/purchasing of new and inventory replacement hardcopy UM System forms.  
  • Maintain appropriate records of UM System forms.
  • Assist campus or departments with their forms by:
    • Analyzing forms requirements.
    • Designing new or revised forms.
    • Securing printing and/or purchasing forms.

Each campus and/or department is responsible for maintaining and paying for any campus or department specific forms.

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Formerly Business Policy Manual 1101 – Forms Management (revised 5/1/2009)


Reviewed 2017-12-06