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Defense & Protection of University Employees & Others

About this Policy

Defense & Protection of University Employees & Others

Policy Number: 13301

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
Risk & Insurance Management

Responsible Administrator:
AVP Management Services & Director of Risk & Insurance Management

Policy Contact:

Risk & Insurance Management


  • General Administration

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Any University employee, officer, student, and volunteer in connection with certain claims and suits.  

Reason for Policy

Operational policy to notify any University employee of their responsibility regarding defense and protection rules.

Policy Statement

The University maintains rules to provide defense and protection against loss, damage or expense to employees, officers, students, and volunteers in connection with certain claims and suits.  The rules can be found in the following sections of the Collected Rules and Regulations:

The University also maintains a rule establishing its University of Missouri Medical Professional and Patient General Liability Plan, which can be found in Section 490.020 of the Collected Rules and Regulations.

The University will provide defense and protection in accordance with the terms of those rules, as applicable to the particular type of claim or suit at issue.  Individuals should refer to the sections identified above for information on the terms and scope of defense and protection and procedures for requesting defense and protection





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Related Information

Examples of pleadings that must be forwarded include petitions, complaints, motions or other legal papers.  If an employee has any doubt or question about the nature of a summons or pleading and whether it must be forwarded, the employee should consult the Office of the General Counsel.


Formerly Business Policy Manual 801 – Defense & Protection of Employees & Students (revised 10/24/1989)


Reviewed 2017-12-06