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Fees for Use of University Facilities

About this Policy

Fees for Use of University Facilities

Policy Number: 24002

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
Facilities Planning and Development

Responsible Administrator:
Director, Facilities Planning and Development

Policy Contact:

Facilities Planning and Development


  • Finance

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All University employees.

Reason for Policy

To govern the use fees established for all designated facilities used or owned by the University for those functions or activities for which a use fee is to be charged.

Policy Statement

A use fee has been established for all designated facilities used or owned by the University for those functions or activities for which a use fee is to be charged.

Use fees have been established for the following buildings:

  • University of Missouri-Columbia
    • Multipurpose Auditorium
    • Livestock Center
    • Memorial Union *
    • MU Student Center *
    • Memorial Stadium and Faurot Field
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • Pierson Hall
  • University of Missouri-Rolla
    • Multipurpose Building
    • Havener Center
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis
    • Multipurpose Building
    • J.C. Penney Building
    • Student Center *

* When school is not in session.

Additional facilities on each campus may be designated when school is not in session upon the payment of the regularly established use fee and upon recommendation of the Chancellor and approval of the President.

A use fee, when otherwise applicable under University regulations, may be waived or modified only by the President upon recommendation of the Chancellor.

Use fees shall abide as follows:

  • Collection of Fees: collected by the Business Officer or designated representative.
  • Written Contract Required: A written contract approved by the General Counsel as to legal form, is required for use of any facility requiring a fee.
  • Schedule of Fees: shall be prepared by the Business Officer of each campus subject to approval by the Director of Facilities Planning and Development.

Use Fee Shall be Charged for Designated Facilities:

  • For non-affiliated, non-sponsored groups approved in writing by the Chancellor.
  • For any group or organization, including student, faculty or non-academic employees of the University which:
    • Is not specifically exempted above,
    • Charges admission to the function involved, or
    • Solicits donations at the function involved, or
    • Derives a financial profit, or
    • Declares a dividend among its members.

No Fee Shall be Charged:

  • For use of regularly assigned space in University buildings assigned under provisions of CRR 110.010: Use of Facilities and Equipment.
  • For duly recognized student organizations for normal activities.
  • Ad hoc groups of students with written prior approval of the Chancellor.
  • Any advisory committee or Board of the University.

     NOTE:  If the activity involves sale of anything, the solicitation of subscriptions or the collection of dues, such activity requires the prior authorization of the Business Officer or Chancellor.

Service Fee may be Charged:

  • Service fees are computed by the Extension Division and may be established for all facilities used or owned by the University for short courses, non-credit courses, conferences, seminars, symposia, colloquia, meetings, institutes and activities similar in nature to these specified activities.
  • For a non-student group sponsored by or invited by an instructional or administrative division or department as a part of its educational program with approval of the dean or appropriate administrative officer.
  • For non-student groups sponsored by a learned, educational, professional or scientific society for organizational or educational purposes when recommended by a dean or other appropriate administrative officer.
  • All off-campus University affiliated, sponsored or invited activities, if such fee would apply were such activity held on campus.

Additional Fees
Any request or requirement for special services, equipment, labor or materials shall be furnished on a cost reimbursable basis in addition to any use fee or service fee.





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Formerly Business Policy Manual 402– Fees for Use of University Facilities (revised 8/24/2005)


Reviewed 2017-12-06