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Past Summits

Engineering and Health

Missouri S&T hosted the UM System Engineering and Health Summit on Wednesday, April 10. This research summit showcased interdisciplinary work from all four UM System universities and provided a forum to stimulate systemwide collaboration and innovation around this important research topic. To learn more about the innovation shared at the event, you can watch the summit online.

Cybersecurity Summit

The University of Missouri System Cyber Security Summit, hosted at Missouri University of Science and Technology on April 11, 2018, highlighted the breadth and quality of cyber security research activities within the UM System. Speakers shared the extensive cyber security initiatives occurring across all four system campuses in order to collaborate more effectively and compete for new funding opportunities.

Precision Medicine Summit

The Translational Precision Medicine Complex (TPMC) was selected as the top priority for the University of Missouri System and the four campuses. The objective of the TPMC initiative is to enable researchers and clinicians to collaborate using the most advanced technologies and data analysis tools. This “bench-to-bedside” paradigm will accelerate the development of novel diagnostic tools and treatments and allow for fast tracking of the application of proven medical strategies to clinical settings.

The University of Missouri System Precision Medicine Summit, hosted at the University of Missouri-Columbia on June 20, 2018, brought together top faculty researchers from each of the four system campuses to highlight the breadth and quality of precision medicine research activities across the UM System. The presentations shared important initiatives occurring across the UM System and helped uncover synergies that will lead to effective collaborations designed to compete for major new funding opportunities. View session one and session two from the summit on our YouTube channel.

Human in the Digital Age

Human in the Digital Age featured faculty representatives from each of the four campuses who provided three to four sets of 5-minute TED Talk-style presentations that explored how the digital age has forever changed and impacted our everyday lives and challenged our interpretation of what it means to be human. Each set of talks was followed by a discussion led by the speakers. There was also be a general discussion at the end of the summit. Presentations included discussions of:

  • Digital humanities
  • Technology in teaching/learning
  • Computational technologies and the human experience
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Smart and connected human environments
  • Ethical and legal considerations of the digital age
Rebuilding the Civic Compact: Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in the Behavioral & Social Sciences

Missouri’s metropolitan areas, like many large US cities, face significant social challenges. These problems are often amplified in rural areas of the state. However, because of population density, severity of problems, and critical mass of providers, urban areas provide ideal laboratories for researching society’s biggest problems. Hosted at UMSL, the University of Missouri System Rebuilding the Civic Compact Summit featured the significant depth the system has in the social sciences—as well as its ability to inform solutions to these challenges through funded, collaborative, interdisciplinary work that effectively translates research into practice. Featured areas of discussion included:

  • Addiction, Trauma and Gun Violence
  • Data-driven and Collective Action Approaches to Systems Change
  • Community-informed and engaged Approaches to Reducing Racial and Health Inequities

Reviewed April 13, 2019.