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Supporting those suffering after tornado devastation

Dear community members,

We come together as one University of Missouri System community to support those affected by the destruction and loss of life from this weekend’s tornadoes in Missouri and many neighboring states.

Our students, faculty and staff are impacted in so many ways by these events. We are thinking of those directly affected and offering our assistance as they move forward from this tragedy.

Each of our four universities has pledged to help how they can, and we are reaching out to many students from affected counties to show our support. MU Extension has also been in communication with the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency since Saturday. This coordination allows us to help as soon as we are called upon.

MU, UMKC, S&T and UMSL have counseling resources ready and available to help those who need them. For others looking for a way to give back, please consider donating blood through the Red Cross.

The holidays are a time when so many come together. While this will undoubtedly be a challenging season for those affected by these tornadoes, we want to reiterate that they have the support of our UM System community — and we will continue to assist them in the weeks and months ahead.


Mun Y. Choi, President, University of Missouri

C. Mauli Agrawal, Chancellor, UMKC

Mohammad Dehghani, Chancellor, Missouri S&T

Kristin Sobolik, Chancellor, UMSL

Reviewed 2021-12-13