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South African Education Program

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Learn about UMSAEP at an upcoming symposium

For the past two years, UWC’s International Relations Director Umesh Bawa and Professor Rod Uphoff have traveled to each UM campus in April to hold a symposium showcasing the UMSAEP, describing how to apply for a 2021 UMSAEP grant. This year (2020), instead of having a live symposium, we will do one virtual zoom symposium to be held on Friday, May 1, at 12:00 p.m. The symposium will provide background about the program and describe the application process. In addition, one speaker from each campus will talk about his or her experience at UWC. Finally, Umesh Bawa will talk about UWC and how to find a UWC collaborator.


For decades, the University of Missouri South African Education Program (UMSAEP) has delivered on the goal of aiding South Africans disadvantaged by their government's former apartheid policies. Since 1986, the University of Missouri System has partnered with the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town, South Africa to advance mutual understanding between the institutions' faculties and foster cooperative teaching, research and service projects. More about UMSAEP ...


When UWC and the UM System first began their academic cooperation in 1986, UWC was a university established exclusively for "coloured"* students under the apartheid regime. Not surprisingly, it was badly underfunded. Nonetheless, UWC was one of the intellectual centers of the anti-apartheid movement. The cooperative agreement between UWC and the UM System was the first of its kind between a non-white South African university and a U.S. university. Today, UWC operates under a non-racial, democratic philosophy and has been recognized as the 7th best university in Africa. View The Most Powerful Weapon to learn more about the story of the University of Missouri South Africa Exchange Program.

*In South Africa, the term "coloured" is used to describe anyone of mixed race and is not considered a derogatory term.

Cape Town Waterfront
Cape Town Waterfront
Table Mountain
Table Mountain near Cape Town

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