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UM/UWC Linkage Program

UM/UWC Linkage Program

The purpose of the UM/UWC linkage is to advance mutual understanding between the institutions' faculties and to demonstrate the ability of the two institutions to cooperate in teaching, research, and service.

The UM/UWC partnership has received two two-year grants from the U. S. Information Agency's University Affiliations Program to support international faculty exchange.  In 1987, the Kellogg Foundation awarded a grant to support UM faculty assistance to UWC faculty in developing funding proposals to be submitted to Kellogg.  Subsequently, UWC received major grant support from Kellogg.

Outstanding faculty members from both universities are participating in the program.  To date, more than 365 faculty exchange visits have taken place between UM and UWC.  The University of Missouri has hosted 182 of these visits.  UWC has hosted 183 UM faculty members.  Many exchanges have been for one month, but the program also encourages longer projects.

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