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Strategic Priorities


The University of Missouri System comprises four academic research institutions united in a common vision of excellence, with each maintaining its unique heritage and attributes. The constituent universities have enjoyed a long and distinguished history that date back to 1839, and together have weathered military conflicts, social transformations, economic downturns and technological disruptions. 

The resilience of our University system and its constituent institutions will now be tested as never before. Current disrupters of the University include diminishing state appropriations and federal research support; changes in demographics; enrollment declines; disruptive technologies and approaches for convenient and personalized learning; increasing student debt and higher rates of student loan defaults; and shifting public perception of the value of higher education. To faithfully fulfill its responsibilities to students, faculty, staff and the citizens of Missouri, the University of Missouri System must follow a bold and transformative strategic plan.  Just as the four constituent Universities build strength into our single system, our strategic plan will comprise four components, each optimized to the unique attributes of that institution, while setting the stage to accomplish our common vision of excellence in teaching, research and engagement.

The current strategic plans for the four campuses will end in 2018. New strategic plans for each campus must be transformative, collaborative, and transparent. These plans must be constructed so that stakeholders within and outside of the University system understand how all campuses will achieve their goals are held accountable for our objectives. Following retreats with Curators, General Officers, Chancellors, Provosts and CFOs, a new Vision statement and Compacts were created.  The Vision statement and Compacts provide unifying principles that will inform and guide the campuses as each develops its strategic plan.


 “Advance the opportunities for success and well-being for Missouri, our nation and the world through transformative teaching, research, innovation, engagement and inclusion.”

Compacts for Education, Research, Engagement and Economic Development for the 21st Century

Missouri Compact for Excellence in Student Success is to:

  • Increase academic quality and diversity
  • Encourage and support faculty who are committed to excellent teaching as a critical component of student success
  • Enhance learning experiences
  • Increase flexible paths to learning and degree completion
  • Increase professional development
  • Increase retention and graduation rates
  • Improve career outcomes
  • Increase access and affordability
  • Reduce debt at graduation and loan default rates
  • Enhance access to and quality of services to improve student mental health, physical well-being and financial wellness

Missouri Compact for Excellence in Research and Creative Works is to:

  • Enhance intellectual merit and scholarly contributions
  • Emphasize areas of broader impacts to promote education, outreach and benefits to society
  • Increase national faculty awards & recognition
  • Encourage collaborative interdisciplinary research across disciplines and campuses
  • Improve the transfer of our research innovations for the public benefit

Missouri Compact for Excellence in Engagement and Outreach is to:

  • Build and sustain campus climates that value the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of all students, faculty, and staff
  • Develop effective programs for educational, scientific, health, cultural, economic and social outreach with local, state, and global communities
  • Establish innovative partnerships with industry, government and non-profit organizations for economic workforce development
  • Leverage Extension programs to translate the research and teaching activities at our universities to citizens of Missouri and beyond
  • Engage our constituencies to achieve our objectives and to serve as advocates
  • Encourage collaborative interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship across disciplines and campuses to lead to economic development

Missouri Compact for Excellence in Planning, Operations and Stewardship is to: 

  • Develop long-term planning processes for operating and capital needs
  • Create measures of accountability visible to all stakeholders
  • Develop processes, practices and policies that ensure efficiencies and collaborations across the four campuses of the UM System
  • Optimize organizational structures to achieve research, teaching, and engagement objectives

Missouri Compact for Inclusive Excellence

  • Ensure increased access and success of undergraduate, graduate and professional students from diverse backgrounds, life histories, and abilities
  • Recruit, retain, and promote faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, life histories, and abilities
  • Design challenging courses, curricula, and learning opportunities for students at all levels to prepare them for global citizenship and work
  • Create challenging and engaging professional development opportunities to increase faculty and staff multicultural competencies and create inclusive learning environments
  • Create a university climate that is supportive, respectful, and values differing perspectives and experiences
  • Redesign policies and processes to remove barriers to inclusion and equity

Reviewed 2019-08-05