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Supplier Diversity Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University of Missouri have a supplier diversity program?

Yes, the University of Missouri is committed to and supports supplier diversity because it is essential to the University’s mission and core values.

How do diverse firms participate on University of Missouri contracts?

Diverse firms may participate as prime contractors or subcontractors.  Diverse firms may also participate as joint ventures with majority owned firms or with other diverse firms.

Does the University of Missouri guarantee work for diverse businesses?

No, University of Missouri does not guarantee work to any supplier, but we are committed to working with diverse suppliers in the University’s procurement and design and construction processes.

Does the University of Missouri and its campuses require suppliers to be certified?

Yes. We require all diverse suppliers who do business with us to be certified by an appropriate state, regional, local and/or national agency.  For questions about acceptable certifying agencies for Design & Construction, contact Chuck Bouse at or call 573-882-9350; and for Supply Chain, contact Teresa Vest, or call 573-882-7171.

Is the University of Missouri Supplier Diversity program a set-aside program?

No. Missouri State Law does not permit the university to show preference or discriminate in the awarding of contracts based on the ethnicity or gender of business owners. While we may not establish set-asides for the use of minority and women-owned business, the university maintains a commitment to providing maximum practicable opportunity to participate in all procurement and contracting by the University. Supplier Diversity is part of the overall value equation we use in supplier selection.

How do diverse business learn about current and upcoming opportunities to do business with the University of Missouri?

Construction suppliers that wish to be on a bid notification list can register at this link . For architects and engineers, there is a database in which to register, click this link for more detail.   

For suppliers of goods and purchased services, you should register on the university's U-Bid site found at link. 

How would a firm introduce themselves to the supply chain and design and construction groups?
  • Provide us with information about your company. You can either e-mail or write with a letter of introduction and any other marketing material about your firm. Tell us how you believe you can help UM System’s overall business goals as a supplier to the university.
  • If there is a need for your product and/or services, we may schedule some time to learn more about your firm. We will want to learn more about your overall capabilities.
  • Once an established relationship is made, it is good to stay in contact and provide updates as needed. Understand that if an opportunity presents itself at this point, you will more likely be invited to bid.
  • It is important to check the supply chain and design and construction websites frequently for updated information.

Reviewed 2024-06-05