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Bidder and Supplier Registration Information

The University of Missouri utilizes an online self-service supplier portal called uBID. Suppliers must be registered in this system in order to do business with the University. Bidders and Suppliers are registered along with the Commodities and/or Services they can provide.

We request that you complete our on-line Bidder Registration Application in the uBID Supplier Portal. Instructions for completing the Bidder Registration Application are also available in the uBID Supplier Portal. Once the online registration application is submitted, you will receive a notification when it has been approved and processed.  The notification will include a User ID and password, which can be used in the future to update information about your business.

Completion of the application does not constitute a guarantee on the part of the University to solicit bids for selected commodities. Bid list selection is at the discretion of the University Procurement Services buying staff. The ability to review open bids, submit bids, and view bid results is not yet available in uBID Suppliers are encouraged to regularly review University Bids on the left menu of this site for open bid opportunities.

Presently, the uBID supplier portal is only being utilized for Bidder Registration.  If you are already a registered supplier with the University, you should not complete the registration application.

Vendor Reporting for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

General Background

The University is a recipient of funds received by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Some of these funds will be used for payment of goods and/or services to vendors. If possible, vendors will be notified before a purchase is made that ARRA funds are being used to purchase goods or services, however, such notification may not be possible until after the purchase is complete.  Any vendors receiving payments using ARRA funding are responsible for 1512 reporting obligations mandated by the Federal Government. 

The information contained here is not designed or intended to be a comprehensive list of the obligations and responsibilities under the ARRA.

University Requirements

For any individual vendor payments of $25,000 or more, the University will request information on jobs created and/or retained from the vendor. This will be requested on a quarterly basis and include both a number of jobs created/retained and a brief description.

Jobs or positions created means those new positions created and filled, or previously existing unfilled positions that are filled, as a result of ARRA funding.

Jobs or positions retained means those previously existing filled positions that are retained under ARRA funding.

The description may rely on job titles, broader labor categories, or the contractor's existing practice for describing jobs as long as the terms used are widely understood and describe the general nature of the work. A job cannot be reported as both created and retained.

Minority Classifications

A minority or women business is defined as an organization in which 51% of the ownership interest, stock or otherwise, is owned by minority or women group members. The determination of minority or women status depends solely on ownership and operation and is not related to employment of minority persons or women.
(Note: Certificates are required for MBE/WBE suppliers, consultants and contractors. Please have the certificates available in electronic format before beginning your registration.)

Miscellaneous Vendor Information

Suppliers who have completed the on-line registration process may access the uBID Supplier Portal to review their business information.  If you are unable to access the uBID Supplier Portal, please notify the University of Missouri by sending an email to Training and Support Services.   

To access the uBID Supplier portal click on the image below.


Reviewed 2022-01-27