UM System Supply Chain is a division within the Office of Finance of the University of Missouri System.  It encompasses multiple functions – Purchasing/Procurement; Contracting; Operations; Distribution and Logistics; Surplus and Asset Management, and Finance Support.

The function of the UM System Supply Chain office is to administer procurement for all departments across all business units in accordance with the responsibility and authority delegated by the University’s Board of Curators. 

Procurement Guidelines


Commodity Assignments

Strategic Sourcing Specialists have commodity-based assignments for PO processing, bidding, and other contract work.   Below is the list of commodity assignments.  Work is assigned based on the commodities regardless of which campus the SSS resides. https://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/procurement/commodities

Contract Information


The University of Missouri has negotiated contracts that are accessible by any department on any campus.  Below is a list of the commonly used contracts.  In addition, the University also belongs to several Group Purchasing Cooperatives/Consortiums, which allows us the ability to make access their portfolios of existing contracts.  You can view the most commonly used cooperative agreements at the bottom of this page. Contact the specific Strategic Sourcing Specialist for additional information.

Assignments for additional information:


Other resources:

Payment Reference Guide 

University of Missouri System Policies 

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Finance Support Center
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