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Enterprise Car Rental

University employees are now part of a joint agreement with Enterprise and National Car Rental, a shared agreement between the four major campuses and their extensions. Our goal is to combine and consolidate what used to be several different programs into one car rental program that will reach from coast to coast and border to border. The University has a made it an option and a strong recommendation to rent vehicles using the One Card. The following will introduce the program and help you get started so that you can make the best use of your time and department funds in renting vehicles.

Travelers will need to determine how the rental will be paid for before making rental reservations.

Options Include:

  1. Employee’s paying for their own travel at time of rental via assigned One Card or Personal Credit Card. Simply click on the University specific URL to make reservations to receive University contract rates nationwide.

    Note: Payment with an assigned One Card is preferred. Payments with  Personal Credit cards will be reimbursed through the T&E System.

  2. Employees who will not be paying for their own travel at time of rental please reach out to your Travel Arranger for reservation options.

    Note: Traditional direct bill accounts will no longer be an option; all rentals must be paid with a credit card.

University of Missouri Travel Arranger Program - The intent of this process is to provide a program for travel arrangers, people who make travel arrangements for other individuals. This makes renting for business a more accurate and streamlined process for those individuals who don't have their own One Card. By completing the process below, you, the travel arranger will have a way to book and charge rental vehicles for those individuals who don't have a One Card.

  • Specifications: Personal Credit Cards are not accepted for this program. One Card must be issued to you. (Name on your license must match the name on One Card)
  • Specifications: Travel arranger will submit rental reservations booked and charged to One Card. Travel arrangers are entrusted with this account number and will not disclose this account number to unauthorized users. All rental requests need to be processed through the travel arrangers.


  1. Fill out the University of Missouri Enterprise Rental Car Billing Account Application, as attached and fax it back to the contact listed on the form.
  2. Once Enterprise processes your request they will contact you via the information you provided on your billing application to provide your Travel Arranger details. Travel Arranger details include your departments account number, PIN, and a dedicated reservation link.

NOTE:  University of Missouri employees may utilize the corporate account for personal use/leisure travel.  They will receive a 5% discount off the market rate. The business rate will not be honored for personal use rentals.

Enterprise Contacts
  All Campuses

Robert E. Clark
Sr. Business Rental Sales Executive

Cell: 314-564-6615
Fax: 866-649-0134

Reviewed 2023-10-12