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Location & Ship To Codes

<Click Here for the Current Ship To Code Listing>

Regarding this link:

  • This is a PDF Document
  • Codes are sorted by STATE, then by CITY, and finally by DESCRIPTION
  • Description is typically the Building Name and Room Number, but may be the street address if the building is not named. 
  • Try the Find function (Cntl-F) to search for part of the information, such as a street address or room number
  • Printing the document is not recommended, as Ship To Codes change frequently.  Definitely make a “cheat sheet” from this document if you regularly ship to multiple sites,
  • If bookmarking this Ship To website, please use the page URL in the browser’s address field above, and NOT the PDF link.  This will ensure you will see the most recent list of Ship To Codes when visiting in the future.
  • Location and Ship To Codes hold the address information that is utilized by two modules within PeopleSoft.

What is a Location Code?

Location Codes contain the commonly seen address fields as detailed below. We follow an established criteria of formatting these fields to make our codes as consistent as possible for our Suppliers. Each field also includes specific character limitations.

Description: Building Name and Room Number
Address 1: Department Name (associated with that Room)
Address 2: Physical address (Number and Street Name)
City & State:

City Name, State Abbreviation


Zip: Zip Code (+4 when available)


Asset Management: Location Codes are used in the Asset Management module of PeopleSoft to identify the current physical location of the University’s Capital Equipment assets.

eProcurement: Location Codes are in the eProcurement module of PeopleSoft, primarily to facilitate accurate delivery of goods by MU Healthcare Receiving Dock staff (on certain types of HOSPT Business Unit requisitions).


What is a Ship To Code?

Ship To Codes consist of just a few fields and pull most of their information from the corresponding Location Code table.

Description: Building Name and Room Number
Eff Date: Effective Date (of last change, or update)
Status: Active or Inactive


eProcurement: Ship To Codes are used on requisitions to communicate to the Supplier where items are to be delivered. The Ship To Code is set to one of several receiving docks (xxxRECV) for certain types of HOSPT business unit orders.


Where is my name on this order?

The name of the Department is included in a Location/Ship To Code (= Address 1).

There may be multiple users (eProcurement Requesters) using one Ship To Code for orders with multiple Suppliers. 

The Attention To field is part of every requisition and will default to the Requester Name that is creating the requisition. This field is editable and may be changed on any requisition.

The Attention To field is found by expanding Show Ship To and Accounting on the line on the Checkout-Review and Submit page when creating a requisition.

Requesting a New or Updated Code

  • If you are unable to find the code you need from the current directory above, OR –
  • You have an existing code that needs to be updated, OR –
  • You need a new code due to relocation, construction, etc

Complete a Location/Ship To Request in the myForms WorkCenter. 

Additional options in the workcenter include Updating an existing form and Viewing forms. 


Reviewed 2024-05-09