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Shopper Only Role

Show-Me Shop Shopper Only Role

Shopper Only is a purchasing role which allows users to go directly to the Show-Me Shop website to browse or select items from available suppliers. The role allows users to create carts in Show-Me Shop, like a PeopleSoft Requester can, but bypasses the use of PeopleSoft.

Shoppers take their completed carts and assign them to another individual in the department who has the PeopleSoft Requester role. That requester then completes the process by logging into PeopleSoft, going to Show-Me Shop and retrieving the cart created by the Shopper. The requisition can be edited for content and/or funding and is then submitted, approved, and processed just as any other catalog requisition would be. Automated email notifications have been activated so that the requester receives notification when a cart has been assigned, and the Shopper receives notification when the cart has been picked up.

This role may be utilized by individuals who simply need to “shop” by creating a cart (and who do not need to change funding or create non-catalog requisitions); or by departments that wish to provide an additional layer of approval, as the requester step may be viewed as an initial “approver” who can edit cart content prior to submission for final approval. This role is also available to those who do not have an HR appointment with University of Missouri (and would not be able to access PeopleSoft).

Important Points

  • An individual can have either the Shopper role OR the PeopleSoft Requester role assigned to them. A single user cannot have both roles.
  • Each shopper must be linked to at least one PeopleSoft Requester who can complete the requisition process.
  • Shoppers do not have the ability to create requisitions in PeopleSoft.
  • Existing Requesters may be switched to Shopper Only with the request process below.  Their Peoplesoft eProcurement Requester access will be removed as part of the processing of the Shopper request.

Step 1: Obtaining Access as a Show-Me Shopper Only

Instructions for completing the Shopper Access form are below. The form should be submitted by the Shopper's supervisor or Fiscal Officer.  Optionally the cc field may be used to notify additional individuals within the department if desired.

  • Go to/Open Outlook
  • Navigate to:  New Items > More Items > Choose Form
  • OR Developer Ribbon (if activated) > Choose Form
  • Confirm or Select “Look in” Directory at the top: Organizational Forms Library
  • Find the form in the list alphabetically by name:
         *Show Me Shopper Only Access Request Form
  • Click to select form and choose Open; or double click on the form name
  • The default view shows the form itself. Instructions or additional information is viewable in the “Show” section at top.
  • Each form has Required and Optional sections. Required fields must be completed prior to sending.Copy the appropriate individuals in the department in the cc field
  • Click Send

The Shopper will be contacted by email with instructions to register on the Show-Me Shop site.

Step 2: Training Options and Materials

Written Materials – These are available as a Training Manual (with complete details and screenshots). The Show Me Shop materials are written both for Shoppers and for Requesters who are utilizing Show Me Shop for catalog requisitions.
Instructor-Led Webinars – View schedule and register for webinars on the Training Calendar.  Please note, the instructor-led training is not required to gain access as a Shopper, and users may opt to view the written materials instead.

Click here to access Training Materials

Training Contact: Krista S Young, 816-235-6299


Reviewed 2019-10-21

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