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Training - UM System

This calendar displays training for all campuses.  Please make note of the Location indicted in the Class name, as well as the Date and Time of the session.

To register for a class, click on the class title.  View the dates and times offered by moving through the calendar display.  Click on the time for the chosen class.  You will be prompted to enter your name, email address, Department name, and phone number.  Click Continue.  A confirmation box will appear.  Click Book My Class. 

You will receive an email confirmation to confirm your class registration and notification will automatically be sent to the instructor.  The instructor will send a follow-up email confirmation with additional information about the class one to two days prior to the scheduled session.


*Registration for classes is required. If there are no registrants for a class, it will be canceled. If a class is full, it will no longer display on the calendar – please select an alternate session.

*Our current calendar software is coded as “unsecure content”.  If you do not see a “Supply Chain Operations” header below with a prompt to Choose Class, then your browser is set up to view secure content only. Please contact the Finance Support Center or your local helpdesk to update your browser setting to view mixed content”.

*As you move from month to month, be sure to click on the date for that month to view the time for that day. The browser may hold the time from the previous month until you refresh by clicking on the date.

*Webinars are completed at your desk using phone and computer. These are not static on-demand recordings, but are live and interactive Instructor Led sessions. 

Click Here for Training Materials (Including Self-paced Tutorial) and Gaining Access

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Course Descriptions

ePro Requester Training

This course covers step-by-step instructions for completing an electronic requisition through PeopleSoft's eProcurement module.

Requisitions are used to make purchases:

  • From our contract vendors in the Show-Me Shop
  • When credit cards are not accepted
  • When the purchase amount is greater than $5,000
  • When paying for items or services not allowed on the purchasing card

Class topics will include:

  • Review of resources on the eProcurement Website, including comprehensive list of Show-Me Shop suppliers
  • Entering Show-Me Shop catalog requisitions, including searching for items, saving favorites, and manipulating shopping carts
  • Entering non-catalog requisitions
  • Changing MoCodes or accounts (including split funding)
  • Changing ship to codes
  • Using Manage Requisitions to check on status, find PO numbers, edit existing requisitions, and review approvals

We recommend submitting an ePro Security Form prior to training so that your access is ready to go.

Live, hands-on training is optional, and offered as an alternative or addition to the online tutorials.


Shopper Only Training

Training for the Show Me Shop Shopper Only role is conducted as a webinar only.

Training topics will include:

  • Logging in as a shopper
  • Browsing catalogs and creating/manipulating carts
  • Assigning a cart to a chosen requester (and to reassign a cart)
  • Sending comments to the requester

For more information on the Shopper role and instructions to request this access, see the Training & Access page.


PaymentNet for Cardholder

This is a class designed for cardholders who are new to using PaymentNet who need to reconcile their own transactions. Topics to be reviewed will include:

  • Viewing and editing transactions, including changing MoCodes/PS Account, split funding, adding documentation, and disputing
  • Creating and saving queries
  • Monitoring real-time authorizations and declines
  • Referencing your default settings, such as billing address and spending limits.
  • Running reports, including the Statement of Account - PeopleSoft
  • Editing My Profile options

This course is required for the Cardholder Edit role, which will be granted after completion of the course. Cardholder Edit Access to PaymentNet must be authorized prior to class by having the Approving Official email Krista Young indicating the cardholder should be allowed to edit his/her own transactions.


PaymentNet for New AO/Editors

This is a webinar covering usage and function of the JPMorgan reconciliation software, PaymentNet 4, for new Approving Officials and Editors.  

During this webinar we will cover:

  • What the Home module can do for you, including bank and P-card team messages, and report notifications
  • Viewing and editing transactions, including changing MoCodes/PS Account, split funding, adding documentation, and disputing
  • Creating and saving queries, including changing the default query
  • Monitoring real-time authorizations and declines
  • Running reports, including the Statement of Account – PeopleSoft
  • Editing My Profile options (Email notifications, Changing passwords, Screenview controls to customize page organization)
  • Viewing a list of current and closed cardholder accounts (including card types, credit limits, real-time available credit, and default MoCode/Account)
  • View a list of who has access to PaymentNet and what level of access is assigned

Access for new Approving Officials and Editors must be requested prior to this webinar.  A current Approving Official should complete and submit the UM Pcard AO/Editor Access Form through Outlook at least 24 hours prior to the start of the selected session.

Reviewed 2016-08-12.

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