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Surplus Property

General Surplus Information

Locations of Surplus Property

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UM Policy 24013 Resale, Sale of Disposal Surplus Property

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General Surplus Information

Surplus Property is a part of the Supply Chain Department that is responsible for the disposal, re-distribution, and/or sale of used equipment/property that the University of Missouri and other Mid-Missouri government agencies and educational institutions no longer use. The sale of this equipment is handled through public auctions, sales, or online. A UM Form 27 should be completed, all electronic data should be erased and all environmental health and safety policies and procedures associated with the disposal of surplus have been complied with before submitting the form. Surplus Property receives no General Operating (G.O.) funds.  All salaries, benefits, operational, marketing and sales costs are paid by the 35% retained from the sale of surplus equipment.

Who Can Purchase from Surplus - All University of Missouri property and equipment at the Surplus Property Warehouse is available to other University of Missouri departments at reasonable prices, and may be purchased prior to public auctions or sales. Departments wishing to purchase items from the Surplus Property Warehouse or from a Surplus Property public auction /sale, should complete the University of Missouri Internal Order Form (UM48). Surplused property and equipment from other Mid-Missouri government agencies and educational institutions can only be purchased at public auctions /sales.

Disbursement of Funds - If an item has a value of $50 or more as determined by University of Missouri Procurement Services or the actual sale price, a portion of the funds may be returned to the campus department. In order for funds to be returned to the campus department a written request for the funds must be made at the time the item is declared surplus. The written request must include a PeopleSoft MoCode to be used for reimbursement purposes.

If a department requests a portion of any income from sale of an asset be returned to the department, the sale price will be reduced by any costs associated with selling the item. Costs may include, but not limited to on-line auction fees, advertising costs, auctioneer costs, and labor costs, including fees for items which did not sell.

For items with a value of $50 or more when reimbursement has been requested and a MoCode has been provided, University of Missouri Surplus will reimburse the originating campus department 65% of the sale price minus any fees.

Items with an individual value of $49.99 or less will not be tracked and proceeds will not be returned to the campus department.

The funds retained by Surplus are used to offset the operational costs of the program.

How to Surplus Cubicle Systems -  Surplus Property has recently been successful in selling used Office Cubicles. In past years these items have been sent to Surplus and did not sell at our monthly auctions. Departments then have to bring them to the City Landfill or they go into our dumpster for an additional fee.

We have found that selling Cubicle Systems on GovDeals brings in Revenue to departments instead of having a cost incurred for disposal. The following steps have proven to be most successful in selling Office cubicles.

1.   Do not take the Cubicles apart. Complete assembled Office Cubicles sell while comparable Cubicles that have been dismantled do not sell. Why? Potential Buyers of Cubicles want to see how they go together, that they are complete, and not overly stained or ripped.

2.   Contact the Surplus Manger on your campus to schedule a time to photograph and take dimensions of Cubicle Systems. If you are in a rush they can usually take photos and post within 2 days. An on-line auction can be as short as 3 days, although 7 days give better exposure.

3.   Pick a date and time to post for Buyers to dismantle and remove Office Cubicles. This saves departments labor costs and the Buyer is then sure they are receiving all components. A disclaimer is posted on the on-line listing stating:

"I (We) agree that by purchasing this equipment/furniture that I (we) assume the risk of dismantling the equipment/furniture and on behalf of myself, my assigns, executors, and heirs, agree to realease and hold harmless the Curators of the University of Missouri and their trustees, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability, damage, or claim of any nature whatsoever arising out of the dismantling and removal process."

4.   The department must arrange with Construction services to unwire, if needed, any Cubicles that are hard-wired to the building. This must be finished before the buyer Pick-up date.

5.   Surplus Property will collect money and bring the Buyer to your department for pick-up of Cubicles. Departments retain 75% of Cubicle sales online. Bidders are asked to bring tools and moving equipment to pickup Cubicles. Availability of loading Docks and Elevators, or lack thereof, is also posted on the on-line listing.

6.   Single Partitions and miscellaneous components should be listed and sold with complete systems; Surplus may need to charge a disposal fee for the cost of our dumpster if they come to us. We'd rather the on-line buyer take any additional, incomplete pieces.

7.   Metal overhead bins may, at no charge, come to Surplus and will be sold in our Scrap Metal bin.

Locations of Surplus Property

UMC - Surplus Property Warehouse is located at 1507 Capen Park Road, Columbia, Missouri. (map) Hours of Operation are 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday-Friday. (No deliveries after 3:45pm)  For questions pertaining to UMC Surplus, call 573-882-5053 or send an email.

UMKC and UMSL - There is no Surplus location on these campuses.  Surplused items are being transported to Columbia location.  If you have questions, call UMC Surplus at 573-882-5053 or send an email.

Missouri S&T - Surplus Property Warehouse is located at 301 N Bishop Avenue, Rolla, Missouri.  For questions pertianing to Missouri S&T Surplus, contact Greg Hook at 573-341-6150 or by email.

Upcoming Auction/Sale Dates

Surplus Operations hosts public auctions each month to move University surplus that has not been utilized by other University departments.  Surplus items from the Kansas City and St. Louis campuses are brought to Columbia to be sold.

Public auctions begin at 10:00 am and are held at the Surplus Property Warehouse, 1507 Capen Park Road, Columbia. (map)

For information on auctions dates and to view the detailed calendar department drop off schedule as well as departmental purchase dates please click Here.


**send all forms to**

UM Form 27: Property Inventory and Change Report 
UM Form 48: Internal Order Form 
UM Form 31: Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate Instructions  

The UM Form31: Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate has been created for departments to use to show the method of data disposal prior to sending Storage Devices to Surplus.  Departments may attach this form to the Form27 when requesting pick-up or sending assets to Surplus.

The signature and corresponding printed name should be of the person at the department who is verifying that Data has been disposed.

The DeptID, PS Account Number & MoCode only need to be provided when Surplus Property is selling a department's assets.

Item Description can be as general or detailed as the department would like and serial number should be for the largest component, either the computer, cell phone, etc. itself or the hard drive if that is being sent to surplus or shredded separately.

Under the "Wiped" column the department may want to note the method, Degauss, DOD, etc and under "Destroyer" mark Shred, Drill, etc.

The Initials column should be used by the department to mark who performed the Data Disposal.  if Data is ever found to remain on a Storage Device the department can then retrain the employee in Data destruction and its importance to the University.

UM Form31: Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate

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