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Supplier Info

For Suppliers/Vendors:

UM System Supply Chain is responsible to administer procurement for all departments in accordance with the authority delegated by the University’s Board of Curators, and in a manner, that is consistent, fair and ethical.

Contact Information:

Supply Chain staff is available by appointment and can assist with any procurement related questions you may have.  Our office hours are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Refer to the Staff List for direct contact information.

UM System Supply Chain offices are located at:

2910 LeMone Industrial Boulevard
Columbia, MO 65201

Finance Support Contact info:

MU Health Care: 884-1234 or 877-752-3334
MU, UMSYS, & UOEXT: 882-3201 or 877-752-3334
Missouri S&T: 341-4266 or 877-752-1117
UMKC: 235-1371
UMSL: 516-5366

Open Bids  This listing is available to any supplier interested in providing the commodity and/or services listed in the specifications.

PO Terms and Conditions –
Campus Supplier Guide -
Hospital Supplier Guide – 
Campus Supplier Registration - 
Hospital Supplier Registration -

Reviewed 2020-09-08

Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support email
  • MU Health Care:
  • Missouri S&T Campus:
    341-4266 or 877-752-1117 (after hrs)
  • UMKC Campus:
  • UMSL Campus:
  • UMSYS, UOEXT, MU Campuses: 
  • Toll Free All Campuses: 
  • Finance Support Center may be unavailable Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm for staff meeting.