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eProcurement & Purchasing

In addition to the online training below, eProcurement Instructor Led Training and Webinar options for Requesters are available at

Training Materials Available on this Page:


 Requester Training Guide

Requester/Show-Me Shopper Only



**The following training is available for Supply Chain Staff Only**


Location Codes and Ship-To Locations

Sourcing and Dispatching Purchase Orders


Supplier Contracts


Strategic Sourcing



If you have questions about training events for PeopleSoft eProcurement & Purchasing or need assistance using PeopleSoft, please contact your campus's Finance Support Center.

Reviewed 2021-04-09

Accessibility: We provide accommodations to people with disabilities upon request. If you encounter something that is not accessible on the Finance Support Center training pages, please call Tech Support at (573) 882-5000 for assistance.