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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a qualifying student?

A qualifying student is one who:

  1. Attended one of four (4) University of Missouri campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, or St. Louis) during the period from Winter Semester 1995 through Fall Semester 2001 inclusive;
  2. Was a Missouri Resident Undergraduate student at     the time of attendance; and
  3. Was at least 16 years of age, but under age 22 on the first day of class in at least one semester during this time period.

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Why is the age range from 16-22 years?

The statute in question applied only to “youths, resident of the state of Missouri,
over the age of sixteen years”, a phrase interpreted by the parties solely for purposes of the settlement and approved by the court as being age 16-22.          

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I am no longer at student at the University of Missouri and I do not plan to attend the University of Missouri in the future.  How will my compensation be handled?

The only form of compensation is the right to apply for the scholarship.  No checks will be written to eligible students or former students who elect not to do so.

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Can I use the Tuition Settlement Scholarship for on-line classes?

Qualifying applicants taking on-line courses may be eligible for the Tuition Settlement Scholarships if it is a course or courses for which academic credit from said campus may be earned, with no limitation on whether it is an undergraduate, graduate or professional level course.

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What written documenting information is needed for the qualified student?

The qualifying student only needs to complete the on-line application.  The documenting information is required for the spouse and/or child of a qualifying student.

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Once I get the scholarship as a qualifying applicant, will I get the scholarship every year?

The Tuition Settlement Scholarship must be applied for each year.  This scholarship is NOT one that is automatically renewed.

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What semester can I use the Tuition Settlement Scholarship?

If we certify eligibility for the applicant, the Tuition Settlement Scholarship (TSS) may be utilized for Summer, Fall or Winter Semesters. The confirmed applicant may only use the TSS for one specified Semester and any excess amount of the scholarship cannot be carried over to another term or Semester.

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What can I do if I believe the University has incorrect information on file that is hindering the acceptance of my application?

If you feel the University of Missouri records may contain an incorrect date of birth, name or social security number, please supply official or notarized documentation substantiating the correct information.

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I receive a full tuition waiver to cover my tuition; will I be able to use the Tuition Settlement Scholarship to cover other fees and expenses?

The Tuition Settlement Scholarship (TSS) requires the scholarships to be applied only to tuition/educational fees (these terms are synonymous). Persons receiving full tuition waivers may choose to accept the TSS and their waiver will be reduced by the amount of the scholarship; or they may choose to decline the TSS and the monies from the scholarship roll over into the general TSS fund and their tuition waiver will remain the same.

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Reviewed 2019-08-05