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General Information for Applicants

  • The Tuition Settlement Scholarships (TSS) will be available on an annual basis for the Summer and Fall or Winter Semesters.  All applicants confirmed as eligible must apply for the TSS online and must meet all deadlines – including (a) application deadline; and (b) supporting documentation deadline – i.e. copies of marriage licenses; notarization of marriage forms, copies of birth or adoption certificates.
  • The benefit of the Tuition Settlement Scholarships (TSS) is a credit against educational fees/tuition for the current enrollment period.  No cash or checks will be provided to eligible students or former students who elect not to apply for the TSS.
  • The Tuition Settlement Scholarship (TSS) will be applied to education fees/tuition only.  The TSS cannot be applied towards any other expenses and will not allow for refunds not exceeding the amount of educational fees/tuition in any semester and any excess may not be carried forward to another semester or refunded to student.
  • The application of the Tuition Settlement Scholarship (TSS) to the billing of confirmed applicants will be as follows:
    1. The TSS will be the first credit used to reduce the base educational fee/tuition assessed for the semester.
    2. If the TSS recipient is also receiving benefits from another source, (such as a Third Party Sponsor, Employee Educational Assistance or Graduate Fee Waiver) that would normally cover the same educational fee charges/tuition, the TSS will pay first.  If there are remaining educational fee charges/tuition after the TSS has been applied, the other sources will then credit (according to their rules and maximums).
    3. Activity fees, computing fees, supplemental fees, special course fees and optional charges such as insurance are not considered part of the base educational fees/tuition and are not covered by the TSS.
  • There cannot be any combining of scholarships, (i.e. where an applicant and spouse both apply and are confirmed, and one chooses not to utilize the Tuition Settlement Scholarship (TSS); the party who chooses to utilize the TSS cannot combine or compound the scholarship award.
  • Once a confirmed application status has been determined, the award (TSS) cannot be transferred to anyone else-including spouse/child who may individually be eligible.  Each individual receiving the TSS must have individually applied for the scholarship and must be individually confirmed.

Reviewed 2019-08-05