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Attorney Practice Areas

Our office deals with a wide range of legal matters, so each of our attorneys works on a variety of subjects. Below is a list of some of the topics we commonly handle.

If you are a faculty or staff member and you have a question in one of these areas in connection with your work for the University, we encourage you to contact one of the attorneys listed below for that topic. Just click on that attorney's name to get his or her contact information.

If you have a question in an area not listed here, or if you're otherwise not sure who to contact, feel free to:

  • Contact one of our attorneys who you have met or worked with in the past. He or she will help you, or refer you to the appropriate attorney.
  • Contact our office at (573) 882-3211 and ask Michelle Blevins, Lori Robinett, or Angela Childs for help.
Topics Attorney
Athletics  Phil Hoskins, Paul Maguffee
Collection / Bankruptcy / Liens  Kathy Bunn
Computer / IT  Paul Maguffee
Conflict of Interest  Kelly Mescher
Construction  Kelly Mescher
Contracts  Lana KnedlikKelly MescherMark Van Zandt
Copyright  Lana Knedlik
Corporate and Business Entity Matters  Matt McNamee, Steve Wild
Discrimination  Nick BeydlerMarsha Fischer, Phil Hoskins
Diversity  Paul Maguffee
Economic Development  Matt McNamee,  Steve Wild
Employment Law  Nick Beydler, Phil Hoskins
Export Controls / International  Paul Maguffee
Faculty Appointments / Tenure  Phil Hoskins
First Amendment  Nick BeydlerPaul Maguffee, Mark Van Zandt
Grant / Research Contracts  Kelly MescherLana Knedlik
Health Care Billing  Rob HessKathy BunnKelly Mescher
Health Care Compliance / Patient Issues / Hospital Issues / Transactions / Contracts  Kathy BunnPaul MaguffeeRob Hess
HIPAA / Health System IP  Paul MaguffeeKathy BunnRob Hess
Intellectual Property / Patents  Kelly MescherLana KnedlikPhil Hoskins
Leases of Property  Matt McNamee, Steve Wild
Medical Malpractice  Kathy Bunn
Political Activities / Election Issues  Paul Maguffee
Real Estate  Matt McNamee, Steve Wild
Research Compliance / IRB  Kelly Mescher
Research Parks  Matt McNamee, Steve Wild
Sexual Harassment  Nick Beydler, Phil HoskinsKathy Bunn
Student Disability  Mark Van Zandt
Student Records / FERPA  Mark Van Zandt
Study Abroad  Kelly MescherPaul Maguffee
Sunshine Law  Paul MaguffeePhil HoskinsMark Van Zandt
Title IX  Phil Hoskins
Trademark  Lana Knedlik
Transactional Matters  Matt McNamee, Steve Wild
Wills / Trusts / Estates  

Reviewed 2018-07-02.