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Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Below are links to resources on rules, policies and other sources of guidance concerning various aspects of the university's operations.

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Collected Rules and Regulations

Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri
These are rules pertaining to the operation of the university that are approved by the board of curators, as well as executive orders of university presidents. They govern the entire university system, including all four campuses. In case of any conflict or question regarding the rules and policies of the university, the Collected Rules and Regulations are controlling.


Business and Administration

University Policies
These are policies that apply throughout the university system, including all four campuses.. They are broken down into two categories: General Administration and Finance.

UM Risk and Insurance Management

Risk and Insurance Management (RIM) organizes, and implements programs to manage risks. RIM also provides risk consulting services and is responsible for adjusting losses incurred by the University or representatives of the University.  


Click-Through Agreements (Pilot Program)

About This Project

In an effort to streamline the purchasing process for IT click-through agreements, a 90-day pilot program was implemented on June 1, 2024, for use by the campuses.

Definition of Click-Through Agreements:

Contracts, generally associated with online transactions and software, where one party sets up a proposed electronic form agreement to which another party may assent by clicking an icon or a button or by typing in a set of specified words. Click-Through Agreements are also known as click-wrap agreements.

If all the criteria below are met, Click-Through Agreements can forego Office of General Counsel (OGC) and Risk & Insurance Management (RIM) review:

1. Under $25,000 for the contract term;
2. Online terms and conditions do not require signature;
3. DCL1 or DCL2 only;
4. Approved by respective University Campus IT; and
5. Catalogued and available for audit inspection by OGC.

Departments must send any click-through agreement to their respective campus IT department for review and determination whether the click-through agreement meets the above criteria. Agreements must be sent prior to clicking on any agreement to accept the terms and conditions.

If the click through terms to which you agree upon contain an auto-renewal clause, it is the department’s responsibility to be aware of the contract term to which you committed and to make note of the timeframe required by the agreement for you to terminate the contract if you no longer wish to renew it for another term.

Procurement will not have visibility to these agreements. Further, if you receive notification that the supplier updated or changed their terms or conditions, you must restart the process with IT for approval of such terms.

If, at any time during the life of the product, a security, data, privacy, or legal concern arises, the University may cease and desist its use pursuant to applicable policy.


Human Resources

UM Human Resources Policy Manual
These are human resource policies that apply throughout the university system, including all four campuses.



UM Records Management Policy
These policies are part of the UM Business Policy Manual. They set out the university's policies concerning retention and disposal of records. They apply throughout the university system, including all four campuses.

UM Records Retention Guide
This is a quick reference to the records retention requirements of University records normally found in all departments. It applies throughout the university system, including all four campuses.

UM Electronic Record Management
This page contains links to portions of the UM Records Management Policy concerning electronic records, as well as other sources of information about retention and disposal of electronic records. As part of the UM Records Management Policy, the policy concerning electronic records applies throughout the university system, including all four campuses.

UM Email Record Guidelines
These guidelines provide quick reference information concerning university policy on retention and disposal of emails. This guidance applies throughout the university system, including all four campuses.


Other Resources

Below are links to various useful legal resources.


Missouri Legislature

Missouri Executive Branch

Missouri Courts

Federal Government Links

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