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Distribution of Checks

About this Policy

Distribution of Checks

Policy Number: 25401

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
UM System Controller's Office

Responsible Administrator:
UM System Controller

Policy Contact:

Campus Accounting


  • Finance

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This policy establishes how payments by check will be disbursed and whom will receive the checks.

Reason for Policy

To ensure the check is sent to the proper destination.

Policy Statement

All checks issued by the University will be mailed directly to the payee.  In limited circumstances with a valid business reason, a hold may be placed on any check so that it is not to be mailed directly to the payee or to make the payment before the next nightly processing cycle (express check).  In these circumstances, the department will request a hold or express check to Accounts Payable Shared Services (APSS) or Hospital Accounts Payable as applicable. The department is then responsible for picking up any checks that were requested to be held.

Student financial aid refund checks will only be issued when the student had done the following:

  • Signed all applicable notes
  • Completed enrollment for the term
  • Paid all fees and outstanding accounts or has made arrangements for payment which are approved by the proper authority (the check disbursed to the student must only include the amounts remaining after any amounts outstanding to be paid)

Any unclaimed aid amounts must be reported to the APSS every 30 days.  This time requirement may be waived during registration periods with the exception of Federal Direct Student Loans.



UM System Controller’s Office:

  • Monitor the process of the distribution of checks

Accounts Payable Shared Services Center:

  •  Reviews vouchers and code hold checks
  • Process “hold” checks and distribute to the appropriate department
  • Process express checks

Campus Departments:

  • Disburse checks that are not mailed directly to the payee

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Related Information

Policy 25403 on Stop Pay and Replacement Payments


This policy combines the following former policies:

  • Business Policy Manual 202 – Disposition of Checks (revised 3/1/2010)
  • Cash Receipts Manual 704 – Student Financial Aid Checks (created 2/28/1997)


APSS Non-PO Voucher Payment Handling

Reviewed 2017-12-06