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About this Policy


Policy Number: 26301

Effective Date:
Dec 12, 2017

Last Updated:

Responsible Office:
UM System Supply Chain/UM System Controller’s Office

Responsible Administrator:
Chief Procurement Officer/UM System Controller

Policy Contact:

Finance Support Center


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To outline requirements for the establishment and maintenance of Suppliers.

Reason for Policy

To protect the accuracy of Supplier information which is used as a backbone of accounts payable, acquisition, and payment functions of the University.

Policy Statement

Establishing, maintaining and managing Suppliers is a key process to the success or failure of the University, as proper management of Suppliers (i.e., purchases and payments) relates directly to the University’s cash flow. Suppliers are defined as any person or entity paid through PeopleSoft Accounts Payable.  This can be a corporation, a sole proprietor, a student, a patient, a government agency to name a few.

The establishment of a new, or the maintenance of an existing Supplier will be handled by UM System Supply Chain, Accounts Payable Shared Services, University of Missouri Health Care (MUHC) Accounting, or an approved feeder system.

Debarred or Suspended Suppliers
The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) or designee shall have authority to debar or suspend a Supplier for cause from consideration for award of contracts and shall give notice to the Supplier of the suspension or debarment.

Suppliers may be debarred or suspended for the following reasons (list is not all inclusive):

  1. Violating any federal, state or local law, ordinance, regulation, or University policy
  2. Willfully, or egregiously failing to perform in accordance with the terms and requirements of a contract/purchase order. Such actions shall include deliberate failure without good cause to perform in accordance with the specifications or within the time frame provided in the contract and/or a record of nonperformance or unsatisfactory performance in accordance with the terms of one or more contracts.
  3. Intentionally providing false or misleading information, or willfully omitting substantive information on an application, in a bid/proposal, or in correspondence or communication to the University.
  4. Colluding with others to restrain competition or fix prices.
  5. Attempting to obtain information, by whatever means, related to a bid/proposal submitted by a competitor in response to a procurement solicitation in order to obtain an unfair advantage prior to a contract award.
  6. Contacting proposal/bid evaluators or any other person who may have influence over the award, regarding a bid or proposal under consideration without authorization from UM System Supply Chain, for the purpose of influencing the award of a contract.
  7. Any attempt to bribe or otherwise influence individuals involved in the bid award process.
  8. Giving gifts (other than incidental advertising items), meals, or trips to a University employee intending to provide a personal benefit to that employee and not a benefit to the University as a whole or to influence the award of a contract. 


Federal Sanctions
The System for Award Management ( website must be checked to verify the entity or agency has not been debarred or suspended prior to entering into a subaward with an entity or agency with federal dollars.  If the entity or agency is on the list, contracts cannot be approved and payments cannot be made until the entity or agency is removed from the listing.


Supplier - a unique individual or company who is eligible to receive payment, including employees of the University.

Debarred Supplier - a Supplier that is prohibited from participation in the University procurement process.  Debarment will last for indefinite period of time until the Supplier takes corrective action to the satisfaction of the University.

Suspended Supplier - the removal of a Supplier from all solicitations.  Any bids or proposals submitted by the Supplier shall not be considered.  The suspension may be for a period of up to two years.

Tangible Good - a good that has a physical substance.

Intangible Good - a good that is unable to be touched but has a physical substance or intrinsic value.

Purchased Service - the deliverable is an actual good or service.

Professional Service - service where a professional opinion is being sought and/or requires licensure or special training.


UM System Supply Chain:

  • Manage the process of debarment or suspension of Suppliers
  • Establishes and maintains suppliers relating to goods and/or purchased services

Accounts Payable Shared Services/MUHC Accounting:

  • Establishes and maintains suppliers relating to professional services


  • Initiate the establishment of new Supplier or change of Supplier information
  • Obtain information and supporting documentation when required
  • Initiate requests with UM System Supply Chain, Accounts Payable Shared Services, or MUHC Accounting as required

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Related Information

Additional Contacts: Accounts Payable Shared Services: 573-882-3051 or MUHC Accounting

Supplier portal utilized for professional service suppliers:


This policy combines the following former policies:

  • Accounting Policy Manual 50.25 – Supplier Maintenance (revised 5/7/2007)
  • Purchasing Policy Manual 305 – Debarment and Suspension


Accounts Payable Shared Services: New Supplier Information

Reviewed 2018-11-27