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2003 Awards Social and Behavioral Sciences

Timothy Baumann, Anthropology

UM-St. Louis

Oak Grove Plantation

Ann Corry, Dental Public Health

UM-Kansas City

Bibliometric Analysis of Dental Citations and Cited Wor

Stephen Ferris, Finance


Online Trading

Ronald Friedman, Psychological Sciences


Influences of Motivational Tactics on Performance

Louis Gerteis, History

UM-St. Louis

Virtual City Project

Michael Griffin, Psychology

UM-St. Louis

Psychophysiological Alterations in PTSD

Adam Hafdahl, Psychological Sciences


Big Five Quantitative Synthesis

Mark Houston, Marketing


The Impact of New Product Introductions on Shareholder

David Kimball, Political Science

UM-St. Louis

Explaining Unrecorded Votes in Elections

Peter Klein, Agricultural Economics


LBO Associations and the Future of Corporate Governance

Jonathan Krieckhaus, Political Science


Miracles and Debacles: The Politics of Economic Growth

Tamera Murdock, Educational Psychology

UM-Kansas City

The Influence of Context on Judgements about Cheating

V.A. Samaranayake, Mathematics & Statistics


The Relationship Between Substance Use and Employment

Lyman Sargent, Political Science

UM-St. Louis

New Zealand Utopianism

Jay Scribner, Educ. Leadership & Policy


Evaluating Missouri`s Alternative Certification Program

Marne Sherman, Psychology

UM-Kansas City

Cognitive Effects of Systemic Breast Cancer Treatments:

Ann Steffen, Psychology

UM-St. Louis

Skills Training for Dementia Caregivers:1 Year Outcomes

Wayne Wanta, Journalism


Visual Communication Research

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