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UM System Awards and Recognition

Faculty Awards and Recognition

Administered by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of the President

The Office of Academic Affairs administers the qualification guidelines and presentation of a number of faculty and University of Missouri System community awards.

In most cases, these are presented annually to the faculty member who most embodies the goals and ideals of the individually endowed awards. 

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Faculty Awards

Past Award Recipients

Curators’ Distinguished Professor/Teaching Professor Appointments

Established in March 1968 by the University of Missouri Board of Curators, these prestigious positions are bestowed only upon outstanding scholars with established reputations. Therefore, it is expected that there will be few such appointments. 

To see a list of active appointments, click the link below.

To learn about the selection process, funding, and conditions of the appointment use the links provided below.

To submit a nomination to the Office of Academic Affairs

In response to the recently adopted changes to the Board of Curators Meeting Calendar, Curators’ Professor nominations are presented at the February and September meetings only. For this reason, it is imperative that nominations be received a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the Board of Curators meeting. Nominations received less than six (6) weeks prior to the February or September meetings will be delayed for consideration until the next assigned meeting (i.e., late February nominations will be considered in September, late September nominations will be considered in February).

1. Click the link to the checklist below and complete the form.

2. Follow the instructions (accessible at the link below) to write an Executive Summary for each nomination.  

3. Click here to submit the checklist form and nomination materials to the Office of Academic Affairs by email.

  • Note: Final confirmation of the appointment will come from the Office of the President.


Reviewed 2020-11-24