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Thomas Jefferson Award - Recipients

The Thomas Jefferson Award, funded through a grant from the Robert Earll McConnell Foundation, honors a member of the University of Missouri community who "through personal influence and performance of duty in teaching, writing and scholarship, character and influence, devotion and loyalty to the University best exemplifies the principles and ideals of Thomas Jefferson." For example, Jefferson encouraged competition among ideas, rejected superstition in favor of a scientific and rational world view, believed that society and government should be tolerant of differences, supported free public education and the application of knowledge to the solution of public problems, and was devoted to free expression.

In light of its stated purpose, the Thomas Jefferson Award recognizes individuals who rise above excellence and demonstrate clear distinction in teaching, research, writing, creative activities, and service to the University of Missouri and humankind.

Year    Honoree Department Campus
2021 Glen Cameron Strategic Communications UM-Columbia
2020 Randall Miles Soil Science UM-Columbia
2019 Carol Ward Pathology & Anatomical Sciences UM-Columbia
2018 Mark Pope Education Sciences and Professional Programs UM-St. Louis
2017 Betsy Baker Literacy Studies UM-Columbia
2016 Richard Rosenfeld Criminology & Criminal Justice UM-St. Louis
2015 Henry R. Frankel Philosophy UM-Kansas City
2014 Larry D. Gragg History and Political Science Missouri S&T
2013 Steven Watts Department of History UM-Columbia
2012 H. Carl Gerhardt Biological Sciences UM-Columbia
2011 Marvin W. Berkowitz Educational Psychology, Research & Evaluation UM-St. Louis
2009 David C. Geary Psychological Sciences UM-Columbia
2007 Michael M. Harris  Management UM-St. Louis
2005 Douglas D. Randall Biochemistry UM-Columbia
2003 Max J. Skidmore Political Science UM-Kansas City
2001 Steven Hause History UM-St. Louis
1999 Lawrence Christensen History UM-Rolla
1998 Betty Winfield Journalism UM-Columbia
1997 Susan Flader History UM-Columbia
1997 Donald Phares Economics and Public Policy UM-St. Louis
1996 David A. Leuthold Political Science UM-Columbia
1995 Edmund B. Lambeth Journalism UM-Columbia
1995 Wayne M. Bledsoe History and Political Sciences UM-Rolla
1994 Osmund R. Overby Art History and Archaeology UM-Columbia
1993 Richard G. Hetherington Director, Computer Science and Telecommunications Program UM-Kansas City
1992 Doris Trojcak Education UM-St. Louis
1991 Charles G. Nauert, Jr. History UM-Columbia
1990 Joy Eugene Whitener Dean Emeritus, Evening College and Professor of Education UM-St. Louis
1989 William J. James Chemistry UM-Rolla
1988 Kenneth J. LaBudde History UM-Kansas City
1987 Richard A. Watson Political Science UM-Columbia
1986 Abraham Eisenstark Biological Sciences UM-Columbia
1985 Patricia A. McIlrath Theatre UM-Kansas City
1985 Arvarh E. Strickland History UM-Columbia
1984 Charles H. Chapman Anthropology and Archaeology UM-Columbia
1984 Sioma Kagan International Business UM-St. Louis
1984 Martin Levit Education and Philosophy UM-Kansas City
1984 George McPherson Electrical Engineering UM-RollaG-13
1983 Harold F. Breimyer Agricultural Economics UM-Columbia
1982 Douglas C. Wixson, Jr. English UM-Rolla
1981 James H. Laue Sociology UM-St. Louis
1980 Henry E. Bent Chemistry UM-Columbia
1979 Noble E. Cunningham, Jr. PHistory UM-Columbia
1978 J. Milton Poehlman Agronomy UM-Columbia
1977 Hazel Browne Williams Education UM-Kansas City
1977 A. Sterl Artley Education UM-Columbia
1976 Noel P. Gist Sociology UM-Columbia
1975 James Neal Primm History UM-St. Louis
1974 Norman N. Royall, Jr.   UM-Kansas City
1973 Ernest Manheim Sociology UM-Kansas City
1972 William H. Peden  English UM-Columbia
1971 Lewis E. Atherton History UM-Columbia
1970 Carlton F. Scofield Former Chancellor, University of Missouri-Kansas City UM-Kansas City
1969 James L. Bugg, Jr. Former Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis UM-St. Louis
1968 John Neihardt Poet UM-St. Louis
1967 Elmer Ellis President Emeritus University of Missouri

Reviewed 2021-04-14