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2004 Awards Life Sciences

Lesa Beamer, Biochemistry


Structural studies of a quorum-sensing synthase

Martin Childers, Physical Medicine & Rehab.


Mechanical Analysis of Skeletal Muscle T-Cap Mutation

Dongsheng Duan, Molecular Micro. & Immuno.


Transgenic study mini-dystrophin in DMD cardiomyopathy

William Gutheil, Pharmacy

UM-Kansas City

Transpeptidase activity of the PBPs

Stephen Harris, Oral Biology

UM-Kansas City

Mouse Models for Inducible Deletion of Genes in Bone

Saul Honigberg, Cell Biology and Biophysi.

UM-Kansas City

Effect of genomic mutations on IME1 promoter function

Stephen King, Molecular Biology and Bio.

UM-Kansas City

Characterization of dynactin/microtubule interactions

James Lee, Biological Engineering


Microstructural Dynamics of Reticulocyte Membranes

Bo Lei, Vet Med & Surgery


An alternative visual signal pathway in the retina

Colin MacDiarmid, Center for Academic Devel.

UM-St. Louis

Novel Magnesium Transporters in Yeast

Helen Mullen, Internal Medicine


IFNg Regulation of Spontaneous Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Kristina Narfstrom, Vet Med & Surgery


Evaluation of gene transferred RPE65-/- dogs

Dev Niyogi, Life Sciences


Analysis and Prediction of Nutrient Uptake in Streams

Steven Nothwehr, Biological Sciences


Analysis of the role of the HuD protein in apoptosis

Michael O`Connor, Molecular Biology and Bio.

UM-Kansas City

The roles of tmRNA and SmpB in trans-translation

Francis Schmidt, Biochemistry


Structure-function of RNase P RNA

Teresa Thiel, Biology

UM-St. Louis

Vanadium Transport in a Cyanobacterium

Gerald Wyckoff, Molecular Biology and Bio.

UM-Kansas City

Evolutionary Constraint, Metabolic Paths & Expression

Xiao-Qiang Yu, Cell Biology and Biophysi.

UM-Kansas City

LPS receptor-mediated activation of antibacterial genes

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