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2005 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Ali Shoukat ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Robustness Metrics for Dependable Distributed Systems
Burken Joel CIVIL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Enhanced Rhizoremediation of PCBs
Doskocil Eric Chemical Engineering UM-Columbia Biodiesel Production over Nanocrystalline Catalysts
Elmore Andrew GEOLOGICAL & PET. ENGR. UM-Rolla Using wind energy to power groundwater remediation
Fan Xudong Biological Engineering UM-Columbia Novel Raman Bio/Chemcal Sensors
Feng Frank Mech/Aerospace Engineerin UM-Columbia Self-Propelled Capsule for miniature Sensor Deployment
Fricke Brian Engineering UM-Kansas City Mechanical Properties of Wet and Dry Dentin
Frimpong Samuel MINING ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Frontier Energy Research in Missouri Tar Sands
Ghosh Tushar Nuclear Engineering UM-Columbia An Ultra Sensitive Sensor for Chemical Agent Detection
Guess Trent Engineering UM-Kansas City Neuromuscular Control of the Quadriceps: Minimization o
Henthorn David CHEMICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Nanostructured Polymer Surfaces for Controlled Protein
Henthorn Kimberly CHEMICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Study of Large Particle Detachment from a Microchannel
Jang Wooseung Industrial & Manufacturin UM-Columbia Scheduling and Routing Sales/Service Representatives
Kim Cheol-Woon CERAMIC ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Disposing of Nuclear Wastes in Lunar and Martian Glass
Koylu Umit "MECHANICAL, AEROSPACE & UM-Rolla Characterization of Engine Particulate Emissions
Lee Yugyung Computer Science UM-Kansas City Semantic Web Search based on Peer to Peer Ontologies
Lin Chun-Shin Electrical Eng. UM-Columbia Associatve Memory Using FPGA for Database Applications
Raper Judy CHEMICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Preparation of Ceramic Membranes from Waste Fly Ash
Riggins David "MECHANICAL, AEROSPACE & UM-Rolla High-Speed Drag and Heat Transfer Reduction
Stanley Ronald ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Dermoscopy Feature Analysis for Melanoma Detection
Tang Hui Electrical Eng. UM-Columbia Evaluation of Lip-based Electrotactile Displays
Viator John Biological Engineering UM-Columbia Sensor development for photoacoustic imaging of burns
Wan Kai-tak "MECHANICAL, AEROSPACE & UM-Rolla Interfacial Adhesion in MEMS
Wang Jee-Ching CHEMICAL ENGINEERING UM-Rolla Nanotribology of complex Fluids by Molecular Simulation
Wang Yu-Ping Engineering UM-Kansas City High resolution chromosome abnormality detection
Wang Yong Oral Biology UM-Kansas City Integrated Structure/Property/Function Imaging Platform
Xu Dong Computer Engineering & Co UM-Columbia Computational Methods for Protein Structure Prediction
Ye Duan Computer Engineering & Co UM-Columbia PDE-Based Surface Flow for Visual Computing
Zhang Yuwen Mech/Aerospace Engineerin UM-Columbia Discrete-Continuum Modeling of Pulsed Laser Sintering

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