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2005 Awards Humanities and Fine Arts

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Cohen Deborah History UM-St. Louis Bordering Modernities
Cook Sylvia English UM-St. Louis Working Women, Literary Ladies
Ellinghausen Laurie English Language and Lite UM-Kansas City Poets of the Forge: The Working Writer in Early Modern
Friesen Steven Religious Studies UM-Columbia Poverty, the Apostle Paul, and Christian Origins
Hearne Joanna English UM-Columbia Indigenous Narratives, Cinema, and the Western
Horisk Claire Philosophy UM-Columbia The New Davidsonians
Karnes Michelle English UM-Columbia The `School of Devotion`: Medieval Meditations
Martin Clancy Philosophy UM-Kansas City Nietzsche`s Lies
Northcut Kathryn ENGLISH UM-Rolla Drawing Meaning: The Power of Scientific Illustration

Reviewed 2013-08-06.