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2006 Awards Humanities and Fine Arts

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Bergerson Andrew History UMKC Alt-Hildesheim Revisited
Connelly Frances Art and Art History UMKC Grotesque Improvisation, Subversion, Revelation
Cotterill Anne English UMR Elizabeth Isham, A Life in the Margins
Dickey Frances English UMC Eliot, Frost, Bishop and the Community of Inquiry
Fogg Shannon History UMR Shortages and Social Interactions in WWII France
Gowin Elijah Art and Art History UMKC Watering: Technical Innovations in DigitaI Images
Gupta Bina Philosophy UMC Reason, Revelation, and Experience in Indian philosophy
Kerwin William English UMC City Satire: Encountering Renaissance London
Kierland Brian Philosophy UMC A New Argument for Utilitarianism
Krause Kathy Foreign Languages and Lit UMKC Female Lordship & 13th c. French Literary Production
Li Huaiyin History UMC Peasant Life in Contemporary China: Qin Village
Miller James Theatre UMC Drawings of Contemporary Clothing on Everyday People in
Miller Kerby History UMC Irish Immigrants in America: Letters and Memoirs
Piccinini Gualtiero Philosophy UMSL Computing Mechanisms: A Functional Account
Solose Jane Keyboard UMKC “The Production and Promotion of Three Compact Discs``
Strickland Donna English UMC The Managerial Unconscious of Composition Studies
Sweet Nanora English UMSL Hemans and the Shaping of History, A Romantic Poetics
Troy Mary English UMSL Short Story Collection number 4
Weirich Paul Philosophy UMC Government Regulation of Risks

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