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2007 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Almasri Mahmoud Electrical Eng. UMC Uncooled Two-Color Infrared Microbolometer Array
Bai Baojun Geo. Sci & Engr. UMR Enhanced Oil Recovery for Exremely Heterogenous Reservoirs
Choi Minsu ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UMR Globally Asynchronous QCA for Improved Designability
Corzine Keith ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UMR Electric Motor Drives with Advanced Energy Storage
Derakhshani Reza Engineering UMKC Bi-modal, Adaptive Thought Translation Device
Du Xiaoping Mech. Engr. UMR Unified Uncertainity Analysis for Simulation-Based Engr. Sci
Hu Zhiqiang Civil Environ. Engr UMC Impact of Metallic Nonomaterials on Bacteria
King Gegory Civil & Mech. Engr. UMKC An Inverse Model to Predict Lower Extremity Joint Dynamics
Kovaleski Scott Electrical & Comp. Engr UMC PiezoelectricTransformer Accelerator forActive Neutron Inter
Li Hao Mech/Aerospace Engineerin UMC Biomimetic Dental Nanocomposites
Lin Pei-Wei Civil & Mechanical Engr UMKC An Investigation on Design & Construction of diverging Diamo
Triplett Gregory Electrical Eng. UMC Dev. of Infrared Techn. Using Quantum Cascade Lasers
Xiao Hai Elect & Comp Engr UMR Design & Microfabrication of Novel Surface Relief Optical Fi

Reviewed 2013-08-06.