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2007 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Chandrasekhar Anand Biological Sciences UMC Mechanisms Regulating Neuronal Migration in Vertebrates
Chatterjee Arun Plant Microbiology and Pa UMC Gene regulation in plant pathogenic bacteria
Coates Joan Vet Med & Surgery UMC Clinical Characterization of NCL in Dachshunds
Giuliano Elizabeth Vet Med & Surgery UMC Local Photodynamic Therapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Heesch Cheryl Dalton Research Center UMC Differential neurotransmitter modalities of CNS pre-sym
Hill Michael Dalton Research Center UMC Membrane Potential Meaasurement Via FRET in Arterioles
MacDiarmid Colin Biology UMSL Mechanism of Alr1 regulation by Mg availability
Menees Thomas Cell Biology and Biophysi UMKC Host factors and RNA dynamics of yeast retrotransposons
Phillips Charlotte Biochemistry UMC Myostatin Deficiency and Osteogenesis Imperfecta Bone
Ray Bimal Veterinary Pathobiology UMC Functional Analysis of SAF in Conditional Knock-out Mic
Reneker Lixing Ophthalmology UMC The Role of TGFbeta in Corneal Morphogenesis
Rogers Elizabeth Biochemistry UMC Molecular Determinants of Iron Efficiency in Soybean
Thyfault John Nutritional Science for H UMC Exercise, statins, and the metabolic syndrome
Zou Xiaoqin Dalton Research Center UMC Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions
Brown Marybeth Physical Therapy UMC Estrogen Receptor Function in Male & Female Skeletal Muscle
Burke Donald Molec. Microbio. Immun UMC Bioactivity & delivery of antiviral (anti-HIV-1) ssNDA aptam
Eggert Lori Biological Sciences UMC Reestablishing connections between humans & wildlife:
Garcia Michael Biological Sciences UMC Mechanisms of disease pathogenesis in neurofilament
Hardin Christopher Med. Pharm & Physiology UMC Metabolomic Dev of a Biomarker for Statin-Assoc. Myopthy
Hines Tina Nursing UMKC Glucocorticoid programming of cardiovascular regulation in a
Hinton Pamela Nutritional Sciences UMC Plyometrics to increase bone mass in osteopenic males
Holtsford Timothy Biological Sciences UMC Genetic mapping of self-fertilization in Nicotiana
Kazic Toni Computer Science UMC A Computational Model of the Maize Lesion Network
Mohan Rajiv Ophthalmology UMC Gold nanoparticle-based nonviral gene therapy methods
Olivas Wendy Biology UMSL nRNA Decay Control by the Yeast Puf Proteins
Parker Patricia Biology UMSL Population genetic structure of avian parasites in Galapagos
Thakkar Mahesh Neurology UMC Cellular & Molecular Baiss of Sleep-wakefulness
Timms Kathy OBGYN UMC Mechanisms of Endometriosis-Induced Infertility
Zars Troy Biological Sciences UMC Serotonin in Drosophila Reinforcement Processing

Reviewed 2013-08-06.