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2007 Awards Social Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Bucur Barbara Psychology UMSL Investigating false memory in older adults
Farber David Accountancy UMC Analyst optimism and street earnings
Herron John History UMKC Science and the Social Good
Lovelace Christopher Psychology UMKC Psychophysiological assessment of sensory integration
Mortal Sandra Finance UMC The microstructure of company share repurchases
Mutti Burke Diane History UMKC On Slavery`s Borders
Ohnersorgen Michael Anthropology UMSL Archaeological Investigations in Nayarit, Mexico
Payne Lynda History UMKC “The best surgeon in England”: The Life of Percivall Po
Puckett Walter Finance UMC An Empirical Examination of Institutional Herding with
Rabinowitz Joshua Psychology UMKC Stereotypes, Threat, and System Justification
Reid-Arndt Stephanie Health Psychology UMC Cancer-Related Stress and Cognitive Deficits
Sable Marjorie Social Work UMC Pregnancy Intention Among HIV Positive South Africans
Tuggle Christopher Management UMC Consequences of Board Attention to Firm Opportunity
Zhang May Accountancy UMC Institutional Investments and fundamental analysis
Arce Moises Political Science UMC Determinants of Social Protest in Argentina, Bolivia & Peru
Bruce Steven Psychology UMSL Neuroimaging & PTSD Treatment Outcome in Sexual Assault
Christ Shawn Psychological Sciences UMC Inhibitory Control in Children with Autism
Greco Laurie Psychology UMSL ACT for Adolescent Girls at Risk for Bulimia & Obesity
Quackenbush Stephen Political Science UMC Militarized Dispute Termination & Recurrent Conflict
Tavits Margit Political Science UMC Inside Political Parties
Trindade Vitor Economics UMC Demand & Supply Effects in Factor Content of Trade

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