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2008 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Baklanov Dmitri Internal Medicine UM-Columbia Vasculogenic Properties of Embryonic Proepicardial Cells
Barrier Breton Ob/Gyn UM-Columbia CD28 Analog expression in Human Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma
Beamer Lesa Biochemistry UM-Columbia NMR Studies of the Enzyme PMM/PGM
Chen Shi-Jie Physics UM-Columbia Modeling Ion Electrostatic Interactions in RNA Folding
Colbert Stephen Surgery UM-Columbia Construction of a Bioengineered Schwann Cell Tube & its Use
Dobens Leonard Biologyq UM-Kansas City Microarray Screen for Ecdysone Regulated Genes in Drosophila
Friedman Simon Pharmaceutical Sci. UM-Kansas City Light Activated RNA Interference
Gogol Edward Cell Biology & Biophysics UM-Kansas City Functional Conformations of the Proteasome Core Particle
Gutheil William Pharmacy UM-Kansas City Bridging Support for Dev.of a Novel Antibacterial Agent
Kellogg Elizabeth Biology UM-St. Louis Diversity Among Relatives of Switchgrass
Kirk Mark Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Neural Stem Cell Niche Therapies for Brain Disorders
Lei Bo Vet. Med. & Surgery UM-Columbia Gene Therapy of Mid-Retinal Disease with AAV-9
Lin Mengshi Food Science UM-Columbia Use of Novel Why Protein Films Containing Antimicrobial Nano
Loiselle Bette Biology UM-St. Louis Estimating Effective Seed Dispersal Distances & Genetic Vari
McClellan Andrew Biological Sciences UM-Columbia cAMP Regulation of Neurite Outgrowth of Lamprey Neurons
Rosenfeld Cheryl Biomedical Sciences UM-Columbia Epigenetic Effects of Maternal Diet on Identical Viable Yell
Schmidt Francis Biochemistry UM-Columbia Combinatorial Analysis of Macromelecular Complexity
Shannon Katie Biological Sci. Missouri S&T Regulation of Cytokinesis in Budding Yeast
Song Qisheng Plant Sciences UM-Columbia Identification of Active Component(s) in "Winter Worm & Summ
Stich Roger Vet. Pathobiology UM-Columbia Actin-based Motility & Infection of Tick Vectors
Zhang Zhanyuan Plant Sciences UM-Columbia Development of Efficient Agrobacterium-mediated Transformati

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