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2009 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Akcora Pinar Chemical Engineering UM-Columbia Design of Three-Dimensional Magnetic Nanostructires in Bulk
Awuah-Offei Kwame Mining Engr. Missouri S&T Research Initiative in Clamshell Dredgeability Assessment Mo
Choi Baek-Young Computer Engr. UM-Kansas City Efficient & Adaptive Access Network Resource Mgmt. & Monitor
Cudney Elizabeth Engr. Mgmt. & Systems Missouri S&T Predicting & Reducing Warranty Cost in Early Design
Della Rocca Gregory Othopaedic Surgery UM-Columbia Novel Intamedullay Nail Design for Femoral Fractures
Edara Praveen Civil/Environ Engr UM-Columbia Analyzing the Impact of Vehicle Infrastructure Integration T
Fales Roger Mechanical & Aerospace En UM-Columbia Closed Loop Control of Oxygen Saturation
Jiang Wei Computer Science Missouri S&T Semantic Preserving Text Sanitization
Kagdi Huzefa Computer Sci. Missouri S&T Matchmaking Software Change Requests with Developers
Kevern John Civil & Mech. Engr. UM-Kansas City Investigation into Improving "Green" Concrete Durability wit
Kwon Oh-Sung Civil, Archit. & Env. Eng Missouri S&T Earthquake Information System Based on Sensors in Mobile Pho
Kwon Jae Wan Elect & Comp Engr UM-Columbia Radioisotope Based Micro Battery with Liquid Semiconductors
Li Guoqiang Optometry UM-St. Louis Adaptive lens for vision correction
Lin Dan Computer Sci. Missouri S&T Preserving Location Privacy in Pervasive Environments
Long Suzanna Engr. Mgmt. & Systems Eng Missouri S&T Strategic Partner Decision Model
Orton Sarah Civil/Environmental Engr UM-Columbia Evaluation of Alternative Resistance Mechanisms fo Progressi
Zhang Yuwen Mech & Aerospace UM-Columbia Nonequilibrium Ultrafast Laser Interaction with Nonofluids
Zhang Lifeng Materials Sci. & Engr. Missouri S&T Inclusion Nucleation, Growth & Transport in Steel Continuous

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