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2009 Awards Life Sciences

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Alexander Stephen Biological Scienceds UM-Columbia Regulation of ceramide synthase 1
Anderson Deborah Veterinary Pathobiology UM-Columbia Flea transmission model for vector-host-pathogen interaction
Armer Jane Sch. Of Nursing UM-Columbia Human Genome Wide Association Analysis: Post-Breast Cancer L
Booth Frank Biomedical Sciences UM-Columbia Epigenetic changes by physical activity that improve metabol
Bouyain Samuel Biology UM-Kansas City Mechanistic studies of glioma cell adhesion to tenascin-C
Ding Shinghua Biological Engr. UM-Columbia An Optical & Genetic Strategy to Study Astrocyte-Neuron Inte
Finke Deborah Plant Sciences UM-Columbia Predator diversity and vector-borne disease dynamics
Geisbrecht Erika Biology UM-Kansas City Characterization of the Conserved CDM Pathway in Drosophila
Hong Liang Dental Instruction UM-Kansas City Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Plasmas for Biomineral Depositio
Idnurm Alexander Biology UM-Kansas City Essential genes of the human pathogen Cryptococcus neoforman
Jaramillo Maria Biological Sciences UM-Columbia Genetic diversit & Population structure of tropical plants
Kelley Cheryl Geological Sciences UM-Columbia Pathways of Methanogenesis in Hypersaline Microbial Ecosyste
King Stephen Biology UM-Kansas City Regulation of dynein/dynactin interacations via BicD
Kuroki Keiichi Vet. Pathobiology UM-Columbia Biomarkers for Spontaneously Occurring Oseoarthritis
Martinez-Lemus Luis Dalton Cardiovasc. Res. C UM-Columbia Oxidative Stress and Vascular Remodeling
Price Jeffrey Biology UM-Kansas City Role of Transcriptional negative feedback in the circadian c
Rivera Rocio Animal Sciences UM-Columbia Effects of assisted reproduction of genomic imprinting in bo
Sharma Krishna Ophthalmology UM-Columbia Lens Proteases and Cataract
Stewart George Veterinary Pathobiology UM-Columbia Regulation of Virulence by Quorum Sensing in Clostridiu diff
Wei Yongzhong Internal Medicine UM-Columbia Rac1 & Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance
Whaley-Connell Adam Internal Medicine UM-Columbia Angiotensin II Impairments in renal glucose utilization

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