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2010 Awards Engineering

Last name First name Department Campus Project title
Bernards Matthew Chemical Engr. UM-Columbia SIBLING Protein Induced Boiomineralization
Bristow Douglas Mech & Aerosp Engr Missouri S&T Pseudo-Grippers for Micro- and Nano-Scale Manipulation via C
Castano Carlos Nuclear Engr. Missouri S&T Preliminary Study of a Hydrogen Storage Nano-Structured Mate
Gosavi Abhijit Engr. Mgmt. & Syst. Engr. Missouri S&T Reinforcement Learning for Inventory Control in Remanufactur
Halmen Ceki Civil & Mech. Engr. UM-Kansas City Flowable Fill Containing Limestone Quarry Fines as a Backfil
Koc Ali Biological Ag. Engr. UM-Columbia Optimization of Water-in-diesel Nanoemulsion Fuel Systems
Landers Robert Mech & Aerosp Engr. Missouri S&T Diagnostics & Control of Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Battery Systems
Lee Hyoung Nuclear Engr. Missouri S&T A Simulation Study of a New Flat-Panel X-Ray Source
Lee Jejung Geosciences UM-Kansas City Investigation of Sorption-induced Deformation of Coal using
Li Guoqiang Optometry UM-St. Louis A New Approach for Vision Correction Using Tunable Lens
Madria Sanjay Computer Science Missouri S&T Wireless Sensor Network Infrastructure & Protocols for Mine
Qin Ruwen Engr. Mgmt. & Syst.Engr Missouri S&T Optimization of Process Planning for Fabricating Objects at
Rao Praveen Comp. Sci. Engr. UM-Kansas City Xquery Processing in a Peer-to-Peer Network
Sir Mustafa Industrial/Mfg. Sys Engr UM-Columbia Biologically-based Adaptive Radiotherapy
Smilkstein Tina Elect & Comp Engr UM-Columbia Health Monitoring Using Ultra-Wideband Radar
Sneed Lesley Civil, Archit. & Envi. En Missouri S&T Rapid Repair of Severely Damaged Columns Under Combined Load
Volz Jeffery Civil, Archit. & Envi.Eng Missouri S&T Ductile Fiber Reinforced Polymers for Civil Structures
Xing Yangchuan Chem & Biological Engr. Missouri S&T Novel Synthesis of Li-Ion Battery Materials via Combusion Pr
Zheng Yahong Elect & Comp. Engr Missouri S&T Compressive Sensing of 3D Microwave Imaging System for Nonde

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